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Destroy Me by Ayden K. Morgen - GUEST SPOT!

Destroy Me
Her Best Friend's Father #2
Ayden K. Morgen

Contemporary Romance

Two weeks.
No strings attached.
No messy emotions.

Those were the terms Mila Lawson offered Roman Gregory when they found
themselves living together in Santa Cruz. Now that the ATF agent has
his daughter's twenty-two year old best friend in his bed every
night, he's finding it more and more difficult to deny what he's felt
for her since the day they met.

With a drug cartel threatening to go to war and his daughter becoming
increasingly suspicious, the last thing Roman should be thinking
about is keeping Mila by his side. He's never wanted much, but he
wants her…and he's willing to break more than a few of his own
rules to convince the feisty little blonde to put her heart in his

For Mila, falling for Roman might just be the most terrifying thing she's
ever done. Trusting him with her body is one thing, but with her past
still hanging over her, she knows all too well that the scary-hot man
who drives her wild has the power to destroy her.

As their time in Santa Cruz draws to a close and the world beyond their
little stretch of beach closes in on them, Roman and Mila will be
forced to confront the truth about their relationship and make
decisions neither could have imagined.

But who ever said falling in love would be easy?
Destroy Me is the second of three steamy
novellas featuring Mila and Roman.

**Only 99 cents!!**

Devour Me
Her Best Friend's Father #1
Don't get caught.

Never fall in love.
And steer clear of his daughter's friends.

The rules were easy enough for Roman Gregory...until Mila Lawson set
out to break every single one of them.

When the twenty-two year old lands on the ATF agent's doorstep after a nasty breakup, he
knows all too well that she's off-limits. At thirty-eight,
he's almost twice her age, she's hurting, and the blonde
bombshell is his daughter's best friend.

Mila knows all about wanting what she can't have. For four years, she's lusted
after Talia McPherson's scary hot, terminally single father from
afar. After walking away from her cheating ex and what she thought
was her happily-ever-after, the last thing on her mind is
jumping into a new relationship.

Until she find herself living with Roman in Santa Cruz...

Now all she can think about is making all those dirty fantasies come to
life. With nothing left to lose, she makes him an offer he
can't refuse: Two weeks of no-holds-barred sex. No strings. No
commitments. No messy emotions.

Roman has no business agreeing to her insane proposition. He can't have her. He shouldn't even want
her. But he's going to take her anyway… and he has no intentions of
stopping until she's his completely.

If there's one thing Roman knows for a fact, it's that he doesn't lose.

Devour Me is the first of three steamy
novellas featuring Mila and Roman.
**Only 99 cents!!**

Ayden is the Amazon Bestselling author of the Ragnarök Prophesies series.
She lives in the heart of Arkansas with her childhood
sweetheart/husband of fourteen years, and their furry minions. When
not writing, she spends her time hiking, reading, volunteering,
causing mischief, and building a Spork army.

Ayden graduated summa cum laude with her Bachelor of Science degree
in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology in 2009 before going on
to complete her graduate degree in CJ and Law. She currently puts her
education to use in the CJ and Social Services field.

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Sales and Writing Fun - Long Weekend Edition!

Happy Friday everyone!

Congrats to my longtime friend and fellow eXtasy Books author, Maggie Blackbird, on her second book, Redeemed, being released today! I have a copy of it waiting for me in my TBR area of my phone's Kindle App. It's going to be a kick-ass read!

There is a HUGE Easter Sale happening at eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies over the long weekend... So many amazing authors have at least one book on sale for 99 cents USD. Jo Tannah, Valerie J. Long, LJ Collins, Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley, Curtis A. Cooper, Cameron Allie, and so many other fantastic authors have books on sale... Go check it out! :)

STRICKEN is included in the sale, it's at 99 cents USD too... If you haven't gotten a copy yet, DO SO NOW while it's really cheap!

Who doesn't like cheap books? I love them! Heck, I love books period... Whoo hoo!

(Sale applies to eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies sites ONLY!!)

Quick update about my writing....

I didn't have an official full day to work this week, but I did squeeze in 2 hours yesterday. It was long enough to get the first major scene of Chapter 6 finished of "STRICKEN Book 2" (rough draft) and get a huge event out of the way...There's another huge event happening in the next scene... It's going to be massively awkward!

I also purchased something... My old silver framed glasses were getting beat up and I could barely see out of the left lens, due to scratches. So I decided to splurge a bit, and treat myself to a new pair of glasses! They're frameless, without the bifocals (looking through them too long made me sick). Best of all, they're my favorite color... Purple!

I love them! They are absolutely gorgeous!

I'll update when I get a chance. Things are crazy again this month... I have 2 more eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies authors making appearances here, as well as at least 1 blog tour dropping by next week alone!

Have a great long weekend everyone... I'm leaving you with "Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

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Tim Smith - GUEST SPOT!

Good morning everyone! Today, I'm featuring fellow eXtasy Books author, Tim Smith, and his latest release, "The Other Woman" (A Vic Fallon Mystery). You can check out Tim's profile at eXtasy Books and purchase "The Other Woman" there too. :)

* * * *

Old School, With a Modern Twist

By Tim Smith

I’m pleased to be here today to discuss my latest romantic mystery, “The Other Woman” (Vic Fallon Book Four) from Extasy Books. This is sort of a throwback story featuring an old-school private eye in a contemporary setting. It has something for everyone who enjoys pulp fiction and film noir crime capers—action, quirky characters, plot twists, snappy dialogue, humor, a romantic triangle, and steamy sex. What more could you ask for?

“Former cop Vic Fallon only wanted to get home to Sandusky, Ohio in time for Christmas after completing his latest private eye assignment. A chance meeting in the Atlanta airport with a U. S. Senator from his hometown thrusts Vic into a murder investigation when the man turns up dead shortly after they speak. The unwanted case produces more questions than answers. Why did the Senator ask Vic to deliver a Christmas card for him rather than mailing it himself, and why does the recipient react with hostility when she finds out who it’s from? Why is the FBI looking at Vic up close and personal when he wasn’t involved in the killing? And why does a police detective from Atlanta show up in Sandusky, asking questions that have little to do with the murder investigation? Vic’s life becomes more complicated when the woman he delivered the card to is arrested after an accidental shooting, and he feels a responsibility to prove her innocence. Add the strain that the case places on Vic’s current romantic relationship, and it results in the holiday from Hell. Can Vic solve the multi-pronged mystery he’s found himself in the middle of and repair the damage to his love life? Or will the other woman cause a permanent rift?”

For those who didn’t keep up with the first three installments in this series (and shame on you if you didn’t!), Vic Fallon is a former police detective who lives in northern Ohio. He took a disability separation after being shot in the line of duty and now takes on cases when he’s intrigued, bored, or broke. My goal when I created this character was to bring the classic private eye, like Peter Gunn, Mannix and Jim Rockford, into the 21st century. As with all good gumshoe stories, there’s a hot and heavy romance with a sassy, sexy femme fatale. This time, I did something different by giving my hero a steady girlfriend, rather than the one-night stands of the previous books. Here’s an example:

Michelle snuggled closer to him and rested her hand on his thigh. “Did you get your work done in San Francisco?”
“Yeah. I found the guy I was looking for, along with the diamonds he claimed had been stolen, and I turned him over to the police.” He put his hand in the air then pulled it downward. “Cha-ching! Another fee!”
“So what did you bring me?”
Vic chuckled. “You’re worse than a kid. Why do you think I brought you anything?”
“Because if I went out of town on business and left you home, I’d bring you something.”
Vic kissed her, letting his lips linger against hers. They were soft and tasty and knew how to embrace another pair of lips. “You’ll have to wait until Christmas, little girl.”
She curled up closer and gestured at the partially decorated tree in the corner. “You didn’t finish decorating your tree.”
“Because I had to go out of town. What’s your problem?”
“That tree is like you—incomplete. You never finish anything you start.”
“If you keep insulting me, I’ll ban you from the premises.”
She pulled him in for a deep kiss. “If you do that, you won’t get to see me in the elf costume.”
“What elf costume?”
“The one you picked out at the boutique. You said you liked the short skirt because it would show off my ass and legs. Coming back to you now?”
“Yeah, it is. You’ll wear the boots?
She flashed an impish grin. “Of course.”

Will our hero crack the case of the dead Senator and restore harmony to his fractured love life? What other surprises will he find in his quest? Read “The Other Woman” to find out. Available wherever great E-books are sold.

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author of romantic mystery/thrillers and contemporary erotic romance. His website is

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Mama's Moon by Jerome Mark Antil - Guest Spot!

Hoodoo of Peckerwood Finch
Jerome Mark Antil


Mark Antil's 
for Acadiana what Truman Capote did for Tiffany's or Tennessee
Williams did for streetcars. This is a novel about a lot of things,
including sex, crime, life, and death. But most of all, it's a novel
about hope and about love.
Moon gives the reader a dramatic and insightful glimpse into the very
special world of today's Louisiana French Acadians, whose early
tragic history was immortalized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his
classic poem, 
even before the heartless bayou's more contemporary history was
buried deep and forgotten." Tom Hyman (
author: writer for 
LIFEmagazine, The
Saturday Evening Post
Post Book World 
and New
York Magazine
a sequel to the novel, 
More Last Dance. 
stands alone as an entirely self-contained story, but for those of
you who may not have read the earlier novel, I include here a brief
description of the main characters and of the events that preceded
this story.
bond that can only happen on a dance floor happened in a cafe off
Frenchman Street among four unlikely characters: a man who was about
to die; his friend, an illiterate Cajun French yardman; and two of
the most successful women in New Orleans.
Captain Gabriel Jordan, retired, was given two months to live, three
months before he met "Peck"--Boudreau Clemont Finch--a
groundskeeper on the back lawn of his hospice on Bayou Carencro,
Louisiana. It was at the hospice that Gabe told Peck his dream of
seeing the Newport Jazz Festival before he died. They became friends,
and Peck offered to help grant his wish by taking him there.
they began their journey.
quickly became a journey with complications and setbacks. They saved
each other many times, but they were in turn saved by two
extraordinary women: Sasha (Michelle Lissette), a real estate agent
in New Orleans's posh Garden District, and her best friend, Lily Cup
(Lily Cup Lorelei Tarleton), a criminal attorney.
than a year before the events in 
and Peck wandered into Charlie's Blue Note, a small jazz bar in a
side alley just off Frenchman Street, where the music was live and
mellow and the dancing warm and sensual.
they encountered Sasha and Lily Cup, and amid the music, the dancing,
the food, the flirting, and the cigar smoke, the four formed an
unusual and lasting friendship that would see them each through a
series of crises, disappointments, life-threatening situations, and
moments of great joy and satisfaction.

writes in several genres. He has been called a
“greatest generation’s Mark Twain,” a “write what you know
Ernest Hemingway,” and “a sensitive Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.”
It’s been said his work reads like a Norman Rockwell painting.
Among his writing accomplishments, several titles in his The Pompey
Hollow Book Club historical fiction series about growing up in the
shadows of WWII have been honored. An ‘Authors and Writers’ Book
of the Year Award and ‘Writer of the Year’ at Syracuse University
for The Pompey Hollow Book Club novel; Hemingway, Three Angels, and
Me, won SILVER in the UK as second-best novel.

Book of the Year Finalist for The Book of Charlie – historical
fiction and The Long Stem is in the Lobby – nonfiction humor.
Library Journal selected Hemingway, Three Angels and Me for best
reads during Black History Month.

picking up the pen, Antil spent his professional career writing and
marketing for the business world. In this role, he lectured at
universities - Cornell, St. Edward’s, and Southern Methodist. His
inspirations have been John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, and Ernest

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Returned by Charlene Johnson - Guest Spot!

Good morning everyone... Today, I'm featuring Charlene Johnson on my blog, and her newest release, "Returned", which is Book 4 in the Circle of the Red Scorpion series. It looks like a great read, so check it out!

* * * *

Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 4
by Charlene Johnson
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Broderick and Elise were finally rekindling their relationship after being apart for decades when she is taken from the balcony of their family home. He suspects Elijah, an ancient Mayan vampire is the one who took her. He is the vampire who found her in the forest after her transformation and taught her everything she needed to know about her new vampire life.

Finding out any information about Elijah has proven to be problematic.There is no written record of his existence.

A series of shocking revelations brings Broderick and his team closer to finding Elijah and Elise.

But Elise is not the only one who has been taken. Weres from across multiple were communities are also missing.

The fate of Elise and the missing weres comes down to the self-sacrifice of a single were-jaguar.

Will the love story Broderick and Elise fought so hard for end here?

Goodreads * Amazon

Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 3 (Prequel)

From the Circle of the Red Scorpion series, is the love story that started it all.
Deep in the forest, Broderick Devereaux found her so unexpectedly and was instantly mesmerized.
He was the dark, handsome stranger Elise Munro dreamed of but never thought she’d find.
Despite their differences, Broderick and Elise started a life together and thought they had it all.  But internal demons and secrets threatened to destroy their happiness. 
While Elise was becoming a celebrated artist, Broderick tirelessly fought to put Solomon Blackwell, a ruthless sociopath and wealthy businessman who befriended his wife behind bars.  Putting Solomon in prison became Broderick’s obsession as his relationship with his wife imploded.  Was Solomon behind the chasm that separated them?
Broderick and Elise loved each other but was their love enough?

Book Trailer:

Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 2

Broderick Devereaux receives an invitation to his son, Drake’s wedding, and he decides to make a last-ditch effort to repair their broken relationship. 

When Solomon Blackwell, the Rogue vampire who was instrumental in destroying his life two decades ago, sets his sights on Drake’s wife, Ebony; he vows not to allow history to repeat itself. He knows better than anyone that Blackwell will stop at nothing to possess her.

To protect her and his son, Broderick must tell Drake the shocking family secret he’s withheld from him his whole life.
Drake and Ebony are living the life they both dreamed of until Ebony vanishes. As Solomon initiates his daring plan, Broderick, Drake, and the Circle of the Red Scorpion race against time to find Ebony and stop the Rogue vampire from destroying Drake’s life.
A fierce battle between the two factions comes to a surprising end, and the shocking conclusion of Avenged brings Broderick to his knees. Can his team help him stop the new menace threatening to destroy the world?

Book Trailer:

Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 1

Beneath the flashing lights and the throbbing beat of the music in an LA night club, Drake Devereaux admits he's grown tired of his playboy lifestyle and vows to change it. Haunted by a devastating tragedy in his past, he's never dated a woman he could love.

Ebony Jordan lives a mundane life but longs for the hot, steamy nights she writes in her romance novels. She can write happy endings in her stories but never one herself.

Drake and Ebony meet by chance and know it is more than a casual fling. Their attraction is immediate and all consuming. They share a passionate kiss and an unforgettable night of sex. When he opens the door to her innermost fantasies, she starts to believe in the impossible. When Drake allows his fears to separate them, Ebony must face the stark reality - happily ever after only happens in fairytales.

Solomon Blackwell, a powerful Rogue vampire, sees Ebony and is stunned by her resemblance to the woman he loved and lost decades ago. Ebony rouses his bloodlust and her sexy body sets him on fire. He will stop at nothing to claim her soul.

When an unexpected tragedy brings Drake and Ebony back together, Drake is given a second chance. He must to face the consequences of his actions and protect the woman he loves from a dangerous man who has set his sights on her. Will Drake and Ebony's love survive or will it be shattered by an obsessed vampire who threatens to tear their world apart?

In a high rise above the city, Broderick Devereaux holds clandestine meetings to formulate a plan to protect his only son and the woman his son loves from the Rogue vampire he's pursued unsuccessfully for more than two decades. The same cruel, sadistic vampire who also destroyed his life. Will history repeat itself?

Book Trailer:

About the Author
Charlene is a Waynesburg, Pennsylvania native. She went to Waynesburg High School and graduated Cum Laude from Waynesburg College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Currently lives in Sacramento, California where she spent the last 33 years working at Northrop Grumman.

Books have always been her passion. She started reading at an early age and progressed to full-length books by age nine. The first supernatural book series she read was Dark Shadows, and it sparked her interest in all things paranormal, with a spicy touch of romance mixed in for good measure. She also started writing poetry in grade school and continues to do so today.

Being an avid reader, the consummate daydreamer and an incurable romantic with a Cinderella complex, she started creating her own characters and story lines because she realized she had her own stories to tell.

She is married to John, who believes she can do anything. She has a son, Ty; a daughter, Danika; and four beautiful grandchildren, Aries, Victoria, Maya, and Tobias.

Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys photography, travel, music, and great movies.

Author Links

$10 Amazon – 4 winners

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TARRAGON (Book 4 in the Rise of the Symbionts Series) by Jo Tannah is LIVE!

Good morning everyone! Congrats to all who have new releases this week at eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies!

Today, I'm hosting my friend and fellow eXtasy Books author, Jo Tannah, and her newest book, "Tarragon", which is Book 4 in her Rise of the Symbionts series. 

Thanks for visiting Jo! ♥

* * * *


Embracing magic is only the first step.

Before Kallen, there was Tarragon. Oryon history sees him as the first and greatest of all technomage kings. What history has forgotten, however, is that he was also the very first to partner with a symbiont.

At the age of eighteen, Tarragon becomes clan king by default. He alters the face of Oryon’s history when he fully embraces magic and emerges as the first ever technomage king. Surrounded by deadly rivals who are intent on eradicating his family, Tarragon, as the last surviving heir, needs to learn how to control his magic and how to fight. Survival is not easy, and if it means getting involved in a dangerous secret, so be it.

Available NOW from eXtasy Books. Get it Here: Tarragon


“Why did you do that?” Brenn asked quietly. His violet eyes were wide, as though he still hadn’t gotten over the surprise that had woken him.

“You’re very hard to resist,” Tarragon said, his lips pulling into a smile. “If I know myself well, I can never find satisfaction until I’ve had a taste of temptation.” He leaned over and kissed Brenn on his lips, knowing that the man would taste himself on Tarragon’s lips. When they parted, Brenn’s look was a combination of shock and satisfaction. It was a curious mix—it was as if he didn’t know what to think of Tarragon’s actions.


“What would people say? I’m technically only your Guardian, a cousin several times removed. You’re a king. You are destined for something else.”
“What are they going to say? That you’re a man? No one would care. That you’re old enough to be my great grandfather? They will only make a fuss if they find out your actual age. Tell me something else.”
“I’m not destined to be your consort, Tarr. Someone else is.”
“Who? Who am I destined for? Someone I will not have any feelings for? Someone who will most likely be a woman who will bear my children?”


I grew up listening to folk tales my father and nannies told either to entertain us children or to send home a message. These narratives I kept with me and finally, I wrote them down in a journal way back when I kept one. Going through junk led to a long forgotten box and in it was the journal. Reading the stories of romance, science fiction and horror I had taken time to put to paper, brought to light that these were tales I never met in my readings.

The tales I write are fictional but all of them are based on what I grew up with and still dream about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for my pleasure. And I hope, yours as well.

Amazon Author Page:

Twitter: @Jo Tannah

Facebook Author Profile:


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Spotlight: Kate Zarrelli!

Today, I’m featuring fellow author, Kate Zarrelli, whose novel, Tuscan Enchantment, was released via Devine Destinies on March 15, 2019!

VJ: Hello Kate, welcome to my blog! Congrats on the new release!

What was your inspiration for writing Tuscan Enchantment?

Kate: Thank you for inviting me! The inspiration came from the area of northern Tuscany called the Lunigiana, the foothills of the Apuan Alps, bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea. A people older than the Etruscans have left us traces of their presence in the form of menhirs, and more recently, this area was the scene of some of the worst massacres in modern history, during WWII. The most important noble family of the area, the Malaspina, built many castles and villas here. The explorer Alessandro Malaspina is the original of Gianluca Quattromani, whose archive is the reason for my heroine to go to the area – where she falls in love with his descendant.

VJ: How long did it take you to write this story?

Kate: I don’t think I can remember. I wrote the first version of the story more than 20 years ago, but it was a very rookie production and I didn’t manage to publish then, unsurprisingly. My husband found the disk last year, got it converted without telling me, and I had another look…I thought the story really had potential though it needed some rewriting. And the DD editors are fantastic in helping polish and perfect.

VJ: You’ve written stories in other genres. Can you tell us about them?

Kate: Under my own name Katherine Mezzacappa, I’ve published traditional, heart-warming stories in a magazine called Ireland’s Own, published in Wexford (I also publish some non-fiction with them on Irish matters). That was the magazine that gave the late, great Maeve Binchy her fiction break. I’ve also published historical literary erotica with Erotic Review Magazine in London (this is an e-zine so these can be found on-line, free, as can other historical stories in Copperfield Review and Henshaw Press). I have also tried my hand with some paranormal fiction, published by Severance Publications. As Katie Hutton, I have a two-book deal (first book due out June 2020) with Bonnier Zaffre for historical fiction.

VJ: You currently live in Italy. How does living in such an amazing nation influence your work?

Kate: Oddly enough, it does and it doesn’t. Because I write a lot of historical fiction, sometimes being in a place means I get too tangled up with what that place feels like now. But I am revising a historical novel set in Florence (a couple of hours from here) and Venice (a good bit further) where access to museums and historic buildings has been crucial.

VJ: Can we readers expect to see more from you at Devine Destinies?

Kate: I’m working on The Casanova Papers. This will be a contemporary novel set in Venice, in which a couple studying the life of Casanova relive his exploits, but only with each other – by wearing masks. Casanova was a great lover, but pretty rubbish at relationships, and died alone, in a chair, far from home. My couple never want to lose the excitement of that first encounter, but don’t want anyone else…

Thank you so much for dropping by. It’s been a lot of fun!

Excerpt from Tuscan Enchantment:

She caught sight of him, lithe as an eel, gliding along under the surface of the water and she felt herself flame with longing for him. From what she could see as he sped through the water he was wearing just a pair of white trunks, which offset his bronzed flesh. Then he flipped over onto his back and she saw with surprise and shock not unmixed with pleasure that he was wearing nothing at all. Instinct made her look away just as he realised she was there. He turned over again and swam with an easy stroke towards her.

"Antonia! I didn't mean to startle you. It's just a habit I've got into up here on my own."
He stood in the water at the side of the pool, the lower half of his body concealed, the water dripping from his raven black hair and running in rivulets down his chest.

"I thought you'd be ages yet - women so often are," he said.

"Not this one!" she retorted, wishing he had not reminded her of his experience of other women, bust she did not have it in her heart to be angry for long. He did seem sincere in his explanation, and after all, she was a guest here.

"Please avert your eyes, and I'll make myself decent," he instructed her.

Antonia half wanted to say it's too late now and throw caution to the winds, but instead she did as she was told. She heard the slap of his wet feet along the side of the pool as he went to get his trunks from over a chair, and then his voice calling, "All right, it's safe to look now. The lion is muzzled!"

He approached her, smiling, and once more Antonia felt as overwhelmed by his beauty as she had been when they had first met. Now she could observe him more closely than ever, the broadness of his muscular shoulders, the taut hardness of his stomach, the strong sinews of his muscled, hairy legs. His hard work under Alessio's guidance had honed his body until it was even more desirable than she had remembered it in the moonlight. Yet there was something naturally proportioned about his muscles--he looked that good because he worked hard, not because he worked out.

"Antonia," he exclaimed, shattering her thoughts, "you're looking at me as if you've never seen a man before!"

"Well, that is, I haven't...well not exactly... I don't mean..." she stuttered in embarrassment, aware she had gone very red.

Lorenzo looked at her with a serious expression now, as understanding slowly dawned on him. Then to her surprise it was his turn to flush gently, and when he spoke it was with a voice low and trembling with emotion and desire.

"Ah, Antonia, what a rare prize you are!" Then he turned abruptly away from her and slid back into the water.

"Well, aren't you coming in, then?" he asked, his head bobbing up again, sleek and gleaming as an otter's.

About the Author:

Kate Zarrelli is the Devine Destinies pen name of Katherine Mezzacappa.  Kate is Irish but now lives in Carrara in Northern Tuscany, between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, with her Italian husband and two teenage sons.  She writes historical, erotic, feel-good and paranormal fiction, set all over Europe, and in her spare time volunteers with a used book charity of which she is a founder member.  You can follow Kate on Facebook at Kate Zarrelli books or on Twitter @katmezzacappa.