Friday, February 1, 2019

Along Came February...

CONGRATS to my longtime friend and fellow eXtasy Books author, Maggie Blackbird, who is now in the process of getting her second book published! I'm not sure when "Redeemed" is coming out, but I promise to keep everyone updated when she allows it. This is awesome! KUDOS Maggie! ♥ 

As for my own work, it's progressing. I wish it was faster than it is, but some progression is better than none, right? I added 1864 words to the MSIP (code name Fourteen) today, and I'm close to tacking in the part I wrote up a few weeks ago. That will close to double its current word count, which is fine with me. I've also figured out a way to end it, but I'm not sure if I will use it or not. I have to see how things go. I only started CHAPTER THREE today, so I'm a ways from its ending. Hopefully I'll get there before school's out for the summer!

The big news is that I have a working title for it! It's TOP SECRET for now. Only a few of my fellow eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies authors and a few select others (including authors from other publishers) know the title. I'm keeping it quiet for now due to the story line. It may change too, so I'd rather give the formal title once it's finalized than give one now and have to change it later. Look at what happened with Stricken. That one went through two other names before its final one came to me.

Real life continues. We didn't get the polar vortex that most of the continent was getting this week. It's easing, or so I'm hearing from my friends in those areas. Thank heavens. The temperatures were brutal! -32 Fahrenheit - or colder! Yikes! I'll keep the -10 Celsius we get on average over here, thanks...

It is tough to write or see the monitor when you have a Maine Coon cat's butt in your face. Princess Fluffy Butt, aka MARNIE, decided she wanted snuggles right as I was trying to wrap up the final scene of the day, and I wound up getting her butt in my face. I can still feel some of her tail floof on my nose. I love her to pieces, but she is NOT exactly beneficial to the writing mojo, especially with the bum in the face routine. CATS. 

Have a great weekend, everyone! Today, I'm leaving you with the title track from Disturbed's debut album: "Down With the Sickness". Enjoy!

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