Saturday, December 22, 2018

What Holiday Break?

Schools are done for the holidays in my district, but that doesn't mean all of us are on vacation.

For authors like myself, we never really take a "vacation". We're always promoting, networking, writing, editing, thinking about writing, or revising even when we're doing our regular every day routine - housework for example. I get a lot of ideas for scenes or stories while I'm scrubbing the toilet, doing the dishes, or even tossing a load of clothing into the washer.

The last two months have been crazy for me, ever since Maggie [Blackbird] yanked me out of my shell and encouraged me to talk to more authors at eXtasy Books. It's been such a fun whirlwind of talking, networking, exchanging ideas, and promoting each other that I haven't had much time to think! 

I am adoring every single second of it, and I would not change a bit of it for all of the money in the world. I've met some amazing, talented people who have become dear friends in such a short time!

This entire year has been a roller coaster. I went from being extremely depressed and spaced out due to medications, to upbeat and alert. 

I am back to being MYSELF, and it feels great!

What's been going on in my writing world, other than having guests post on my blog?

I've been busy. I'm still writing the yet unnamed MSIP and the sports short story, as well as revising one I wrote a few years ago. (NO, not the ABOMINATION, that is so awful that it will NEVER see the light of day - it's so bad I don't even have it on my hard drive!) 

The big news is I sent a story to be critiqued for the first time since STRICKEN - over 2 years. "Something About Alexis" was read over, edited and revised (the stuff I could see), and it went to six special people yesterday afternoon for their enjoyment.  

Yes, I am nervous. Stricken has amazing reviews, but not all of my work was liked. The Abomination for example... It was touted as me "trying to write like someone else", and it didn't work - at all. 

This is why I insist on having someone else read my work, whether it's a voracious reader like myself, or another author who knows what to look for as well as industry standards. I tend to miss something or go on a zillion tangents if I am not kept in line. 

A huge thank you to my betas for "Something About Alexis" - Gordon, Amy, Erin, Erica, Heather, and Sara. It's really appreciated, I hope you like it!

I wish all of you a happy whatever your reason for the season, and may all of you have a lovely holiday season! 

I will be back at least one more time between now and 2019, I have another guest blogger appearing on FRIDAY December 28th! 

I leave all of you with something different. "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" heavy metal style, care of TWISTED SISTER.

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