Monday, December 3, 2018

Meet the Author - ROUND TWO!

CONGRATS to SE White, who won a copy of STRICKEN in a random drawing today!

Today was my second MEET THE AUTHOR in Book Carousel, and although it started slow, it picked up and was going full tilt by the time my hour was up.  We had a few "Name Generators" and a Four Word Story rolling, and I shared photos of my mom and mother in law, each holding their paperback copies of Stricken.

THANK YOU AGAIN to eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies for having me! It was fun!

I'm unsure when my next round will be, but it will be sometime in the new year. I have to get on the ball more with actual writing and the dreaded EDITS and REVISIONS (GAG!) before I do any more public appearances. I think people are getting sick of seeing me give away copies of that book, it's time for new things to show up...

I'm finally going to answer a question I've been asked a lot lately:

What are you working on now?

I have FOUR projects currently on the go, in various stages of writing and editing.

Two are currently being drafted - a short story, and one that I hope will be novel length. I'm bouncing back and forth between them. The subject is ROMANCE... Duh! However, only my betas, a few trusted friends, and a few of my fellow authors and editors at eXtasy Books/Devine Destinies know the nitty gritty of my work, and it will stay that way until we deem it's okay to start sharing a bit more. I need titles for both, so I'll definitely be brainstorming with the gang.

I also have two finished drafts that are currently being overhauled. They had been written before I got on with eXtasy Books, so they need to be formatted to the way they want the pages, and other items that's required of a book published by them and Devine Destinies. It's a lot of work, I made a lot of mistakes in both, and they are full of JUNK. So far, the one lost over 20 K, it was all passive scenes and nonsense. Let's keep it simple! *wink!*

On that note, I should shut up and get back to work.... These stories do not sell themselves, you have to network, talk to other authors, give away free copies now and then, and promote, promote, PROMOTE yourself until you turn blue... And promote yourself some more!!!

Have a great week everyone! Don't forget that eXtasy Books has their STOCKING STUFFERS available starting DECEMBER 8th! My friend LYNN MICHAELS has her story "A Frostbite Christmas" coming out on Sunday, December 9th - GET IT! I dare you!!!

I leave you with my favorite song by GODSMACK, "Voodoo".

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