Thursday, November 1, 2018

STRICKEN: Official Facebook Fan Page Launch, and A Surprise!

It's true!

STRICKEN has its own official Facebook fan page

I've been trying to find new ways to promote it, and after Amber's passing this past August, I just haven't felt up to promoting it much, or doing much else as an author.

Until now. 

One of my best friends suggested I make a page for my book, since other authors do it. I had thought only the big names did it, so I had never thought about doing it myself. However, the more I thought about it, the better I liked it.

The page was set up less than 2 hours after LLM's suggestion, and I was rushing to get it done before I took my son out trick or treating last night.

It looks good, or so I've been told. I have the cover as its avatar, and my gorgeous black banner with the cover and purchase places on it as its cover photo right now (cover photo may be changed in time). I had 15 likes within 12 hours of my announcement.

There is a new contest running as a way to celebrate the official launch: I'm giving away FIVE more digital copies to anyone who likes Stricken's page, and shares the photo of its cover posted on my author page. 

Easy, right?

The draw will take place at NOON Eastern (1 p.m. EST, 9 a.m. PST) on November 10, 2018 which is mine and Hubby's 17th wedding anniversary. I'll be using an internet random name picker for it. (All participants must be 18 years and over. One entry per person. See my author page VJ Allison for details)

I've been a hermit the last 2 years, and it's now time to come out of my shell a bit, with help from other authors.

Over the next few weeks, I will be hosting Guest Spots on this blog. I am aiming at five between now and the new year, but if I am lucky enough to get more than that, I'll gladly add them! I wish to do as many eXtasy authors as possible, but all authors of all genres are welcome to participate. Message me on my Facebook profile (link to the left of the entries) if you want to do a guest spot here.

First up is my longtime friend and now fellow eXtasy author, Maggie Blackbird, who is doing an interview with one of the two main characters from her first book, Blessed (M/M romance). I'm truly honored to say she will be my first ever guest blogger. She's a really nice person, a good friend, and one heck of an author. It's easy to see why eXtasy took her on as an author. I highly recommend her book to all out there!

As shy as I am, it's time for me to start shedding that and make a few guest appearances myself. Maggie wants me to do a run on her blog, and I'm going to do it. She's hosting me later this month... It's an interview with the sexiest real estate agent alive, Ewan Campbell. 

I've never interviewed one of my characters before, so it's a new experience for me. It's also weird being back in his head after so long. STRICKEN was published over 18 months ago, and I've been working on other projects - three different books! - so I never thought I'd be back here again. 

He looks and sounds familiar, yet different - more mature since the last time I really talked to him. I can almost see him sitting across the table from me, swirling his coffee around in the mug he's using as we chat, and his adorable lopsided grin. His hair is a bit longer now, and one or two silver strands are peeping out between the hair at his temples. His voice is really starting to lose its flatter accent of the western prairies, he sounds more like he has lived in Nova Scotia his entire life. I see a few more lines around his eyes - laugh lines - and his glasses have square lenses, they are also frameless. He's just as slim and handsome as he was when he met Marti - almost twenty years ago in their timeline. 

It's good to see and talk to him again, sometimes catching up with your first hero and heroine is a good thing... Or it is in my case! It's a much needed reminder that I have reached my dream of one book being trad published in my lifetime, thanks to him and Marti.

The weirdest thing is that looking back, I remember saying to a few people that Ewan and Marti's story was going to be *the* one to see me published, as far back as 2013. It is still a bit of a shock to see that my prediction was right.... It is a shorter, more streamlined version of their story, but it's still their journey!

Holy cow, has it really been 6 years since I finished the *very* first draft of that story?  It was titled "No Regrets" back then, and was over 206 K in length! *BLINKING!* 

ANYWAY..... As for getting "out" more....

I am available to do guest spots on others' blogs, should anyone wish to have me. If you do one on mine, I will gladly do one for you. Message me if you want me as a guest! (Thank you!)

Look for Maggie's post sometime over this coming weekend. I'm going to be on her blog sometime next week, I think... I'll give an alert on my author pages when that's live.

Don't forget to watch for Maggie's appearance... And go show her book BLESSED some love, right now!

I leave you with my favorite song by my favorite band... STRICKEN by DISTURBED. 

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