Sunday, November 19, 2017

We Salute You

Whoa, another week gone. This year is going so darn fast!

I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the "Holiday Shopping" tunnel - gift wise. We managed to get the majority of the remainder of the gifts out of the way this past week, thanks to a few orders from my favorite online shopping site, and a trip to Halifax. We have two full and two partial gifts to get, as well as the "extras" for Son. 

The next major bit will be the wrapping. I need more paper, tags, and tape. Thank the stars I have over a month to get *that* done. I abhor wrapping almost as I hate shopping. I despise shopping for the record... Unless it's earring or book related. Then I tend to go overboard... 

We started our shopping in January so we could just pick up things as we saw them, and wouldn't have a huge bill right at the holiday season. I like it, it's much more relaxed to do it that way.

Our outdoor holiday decorations are almost finished too... We have a kaleidoscope LED light that shines red, green and blue splashes of light over the front of the house, and Nanny's old light up candles framing the main door on the side. I still want a huge, sparkly silver bow to put on the front door to make it ultra pretty.

Yeah, I'm actually trying this year. Shocker, eh? I haven't enjoyed the holidays since my father passed away in 1997, and it got worse after we lost Nanny in 2010. It's not a good time of year for me. Daddy's birthday was December 25th... That says a lot.

Anyway........ The thumb is better. I took the bandages off completely the day after I wrote the previous entry... I kind of took things off to change the bandage and the flap of skin just fell off. Since it looked really clean, I left it open. It's not bothering me at all now. It's almost healed. No scabs. Just a small patch of newer looking skin, and the possibility of a scar. Better than losing the thumb....

Amber is still improving, and getting sassier by the day. She's been on the vet food for four weeks now and is like her old self. I'm getting dive bombed upwards of six, seven, or more times a day. Anyone who follows my main profile will sometimes see score tallies for "Shithead" and myself. She dive bombs me, I kiss her tummy... She gets revenge, and I get her back. 

In other words, a typical day at my house.

I am still writing for anyone who is interested. I'm almost done chapter one of the MSIP, and I hope to wrap that up later this week, so I can get moving in chapter two before the school holiday break. I've started a timeline of the entire story so I don't get mixed up and have them "going at it" in chapter three.... Like I did in another one. Oops! (That one is now in the "rewrite pile"!)

Finally.... On a sad note, I see Malcolm Young of AC/DC has passed away, at the young age of 64. 

I leave all of you with "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)" from 1981.

Sleep peacefully, Mr. Young. 

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