Saturday, March 25, 2017

STRICKEN - Get it on Amazon!

Mark this on your calendars everyone:

STRICKEN will be released on Amazons around the world on SUNDAY MARCH 26, 2017! It is now up for preorder on their sites. 

This is it on the CANADIAN Amazon.

The AMERICAN Amazon.

I know it's available in the United Kingdom and Australia as well, but I haven't checked more than those four. If it's not available on your nation's Amazon, it IS up for free international delivery on the Canadian site. The price listed is in our dollar, of course. 

If you preorder now, it will show up in your Kindle, Kindle app, or Kindle compatible app tomorrow morning. Or you can order it whenever you like. 

Thank you eXtasy Books, and everyone I've met there, for giving me this chance. 

Excerpt available on!

Ewan Campbell once thought he had it all – he was a rising star in the real estate field, popular with his peers, and engaged to his employer’s cousin, the shy and quiet little Marti Marlowe.

A heartbeat later, he was alone – shattered, confused and suicidal. Why had Marti walked away from him?

Years later, in another place, and a new chapter of Ewan’s life, fate brings them face to face again. 

They start building a friendship, but Ewan wants more. He wants Marti as his wife, and she seems to prefer their current status as friends.

Can he convince her that taking another chance at their failed future will be the start of the best part of their lives?


Quick update:

I'm still writing on the new manuscript in progress. So far, it's coming along nicely. I'm almost finished chapter six, and have surpassed the 20K mark. My only complaint is that I'm not getting as much writing time as I'd like - Husband is only working one day shift a week right now. Hopefully that will change soon, I want this one DONE, ASAP! I won't sleep until it's finished, it won't leave me alone. 

"Fugitive Dreams" is still in stasis... I won't look at that until this current WIP is finished and goes into its first stasis cycle. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to get a copy of STRICKEN if you haven't already. Thank you! ♥ ♫ 

Much love. 

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