Monday, March 13, 2017

Setting the Stage...

Happy Monday everyone!

Husband is on vacation right now, and it's March Break in my son's school district. 

I'm currently in "promotional mode", trying to get the word out about Stricken as much as I can before it's finally released on eXtasy Books' site this coming FRIDAY MARCH 17th

Excerpt on my website:

I'll share the blurb again in a bit. 


Friday was a really crazy day writing wise. I went offline before 11 my time and jumped into it. 

The next thing I knew, it was after 3 PM, I had gone nuts pounding on the keyboard, and I had just about finished Chapter 3. I had a 4500 word day in those short hours.

My brain wouldn't stop buzzing though.... It's bad when I consider skipping an episode of MacGyver, the only show I'm watching at the moment. (I adore George Eads!)... I went back on the computer after Son went to bed at 10 PM. This story is not letting go of me. 

I feel like I did when I was writing Stricken's current incarnation. Stunned to the max, including the walking into walls business and being so spaced out that I have to remind myself what I'm doing before I hurt myself. 

I stayed up till 3 AM Saturday morning, and added another 2300 words. I'm in the middle of Chapter 4, just after a huge event for the mains. 

With the little bit I added on Monday, it was a 6K week. Not bad. 

This story is progressing nicely. I can only hope it turns out as good as my best friend thinks it's going to. I'm glad I have most of this one mapped out now. When I first came up with the idea last November, I wasn't sure what route to take with it. Maybe waiting a few months helped me a little.

All I can do now is wait and see how things go. If it turns out to be a good one, and I hope it does, my betas will probably see it sometime in the fall. If I have to do a lot of work on it - editing and revisions - so be it. Stricken wasn't written and polished to a nice shine in less than six months after all, it took me years to get that story up to submission standards...

I haven't set any writing goals for the week, because I'm unsure of what I'll have for writing time, and I'm going to be promoting the daylights out of Stricken between now and next weekend.

I'm still stunned the work on that particular manuscript - now book! - is done, and it's finally going to be seen by the world in four short days. 

My dream of having one book published in my lifetime has been achieved.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

I leave you with the blurb for STRICKEN, available now on preorder at eXtasy Books... Release date is MARCH 17 2017


Ewan Campbell once thought he had it all – he was a rising star in the real estate field, popular with his peers, and engaged to his employer’s cousin, the shy and quiet little Marti Marlowe.

A heartbeat later, he was alone – shattered, confused and suicidal. Why had Marti walked away from him?

Years later, in another place, and a new chapter of Ewan’s life, fate brings them face to face again. 

They start building a friendship, but Ewan wants more. He wants Marti as his wife, and she seems to prefer their current status as friends.

Can he convince her that taking another chance at their failed future will be the start of the best part of their lives?

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