Thursday, March 9, 2017

Getting Ready!

Eight days to go until Stricken hits the virtual shelves at my publisher, eXtasy Books, on MARCH 17th!!!

Want to read an excerpt? I have one on my website!

I'm also going cuckoo promoting Stricken in Facebook, on Twitter and even around my writing forums. The cover has gotten a lot of good reviews, people seem to love it a lot. I've been told that although some of my pals don't read erotic romance as a rule, they're going to read Stricken, because it's my work.

That is a huge compliment in my opinion... I just hope everyone who reads it likes it.... 


Between promoting Stricken, and going nuts in real life with prepping for March Break next week, doctor's appointments, and other health related things for me, I am still writing.

Yes, I have another story on the go. It was started less than a week after Fugitive Dreams (working title) had its first draft finished. This story seemed to grab me by the throat even before I was typed "THE END" in FG.

It was either write it or lose the mind. Since I lost my mind years ago... I'm writing it. lol 

It's going pretty well at the moment. I'm into Chapter 2 already and I'm hoping to get that done before the end of the month. I've been squeezing in as much writing time on it as I can, between Husband's shifts and everything else. I have tomorrow left before March Break starts but Husband said that he and Son will be disappearing at least one day next week so I can work. 

That is the greatest gift they can give me when they know I'm deep into a story. I love it when Husband does that. Ever since I finished the original incarnation of this story a couple of years ago, he's clued in that I *am* serious about writing and being published, and has been my rock through all of the upsets from rejections, to the last while when I was going crazy with talking to the gang at eXtasy Books trying to get Stricken up to their high standards for published works.

I would love to have this one's first draft finished by the time school gets out in June, that way I'm not hanging over the summer again. That way it can "perk" all summer long, while I talk to the Betas about Fugitive Dreams, and see if it's up to eXtasy's standards. If not, it'll be classed as a "practice" story, to get my feet wet again after a long break, and set aside. I won't delete it, that's not my way. I keep everything I write, even the horrid stuff. Call me a "story hoarder" if you want. lol 

As for other projects, I have plenty of ideas. I just have to see which one grabs me first after this WIP is finished. 

Other than that, not much happening in my end of the world. Still no word from WHOM GODS DESTROY on when "Far Reaches" is going to be released, nor is there word on when their first gig of 2017 is happening. I'll keep y'all posted. 

I leave you with a photo of some potted tulips one of my longtime pals, Anna H., gave me as a congratulatory gift for getting published. They're not quite open yet, and are supposed to be a really, really dark purple when they fully bloom... I'm fanatical about purple, it's my favorite color next to black, and I wear both together a lot. 

They are so pretty!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

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