Saturday, February 11, 2017


I hate choosing a title for a story. 

I never seem to choose one that suits the story and has a lot of punch at the same time. My title choices tend to be boring, really boring.

Hearts Remembering. Yeah, it says what the story is about but it doesn't have pizzazz in my opinion. I'm so glad I changed it at the last minute, it did turn out to be *gold* after all. (Long story!)

In case anyone's wondering, I'm trying to think of a one or two word title for the current WIP, one with a lot of punch yet gives a hint to what the story is about - a modern day romance. 

So far a number of ideas have gone through my mind, but none really suit the story, the characters or me, and some of them are already in use.

I was thinking "Smitten" but Husband and Peapod both said it's too close to my upcoming book's title, Stricken. So that idea is out, for now at least.

I put things out there for my Facebook friends to help me brainstorm, after a short rant about how much I hate settling on a title, especially one that feels blah. Maybe with a little luck, talking things out with them will result in a good idea. 

It did when I was trying to come up with a good, solid name for the leading man in Stricken years ago. Lightening may strike again, in a different area.

One can hope at least. 

Anyway, I did manage to get some work done on the WIP, the one I'm trying to find a title for. Thursday was it, and it was only 2 hours of work time before the bus arrived.

It was still productive, a 2200 word day. I managed to wrap up a chapter and put in a huge key scene, along with finish two smaller ones. I was so deep into it that I even wrote after Son was home from school, a rarity considering how noisy he is when he's home. I wanted that scene *done* dang it, so I could continue on in a fresh chapter and scene next week.

I'm pretty close to 3/4 of the way finished this one's rough draft, or possibly more. I'm almost at the anti climax so that's good, I think. 

Who knows, I may actually get this one done before my deadline of March 10th. The rate I'm going it's quite possible. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm hoping to get more done this week, and I'll update when I can. 

Once again, I leave you with a photo of Amber from Thursday, doing her "Writing Su-purr-visor Impreshun". Silly furball. LOL 

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