Friday, December 23, 2016

Tis the Season....

Good tidings, everyone!

The solstice has come and gone, and we are now going to see the sun move in a northward direction, meaning our days in the Northern Hemisphere are getting a touch longer, and the nights are getting a little shorter. 

I hope all who celebrate Yule had a peaceful and safe day. 

My Yule had an unexpected gift - One last writing day before Winter Break. Husband got scheduled to work the opening shift, and it was Son's last day of school before the holidays. I dived into Word as soon as I guessed I had consumed enough coffee to be alert.

I've been thinking about the manuscript code named "TEN" again. I hate the seesawing back and forth between the original way and the alternate way, and I'm so frustrated with myself for being indecisive. So I made up my mind.

I'm doing it the original way I had planned when I came up with the idea in 2014. I'm going to finish the manuscript's first draft come hell or high water, and even if it kills me... I hope it doesn't! If my betas don't like it or say it doesn't work, it's going into the "rewrite" pile along with the original version of "Fourteen". 

I really hate rewriting a manuscript halfway through the first draft. Call it laziness if you want, but sometimes we have to write something that's not good to produce gold in the end product. Sometimes I do better doing a rewrite, instead of having the original idea drafted out. That's been proven already. Ask my Beta Team. They'll tell you. Not the full story on the manuscript in question, but they will tell you its current incarnation is a huge improvement from the original version. 

That's another story for another time. I'll talk about things when I'm ready and able to on here. It's all good. No worries. ;) 

The end result was 2450 words added, three scenes worth, and a major event happening between the mains. It's rough and needs a lot of polishing - one of my more recent jokes is that my rough drafts look like a nuclear bomb went off in the middle of an ink factory - but the gist of it is there, and I think it's working for the most part. That may change after the Betas get their paws on it though. 

I won't be working on much writing wise until after January 3rd, 2017, when Son returns to school. Those late night writing sessions always seem to mean "REWRITES" for me, so I'm just going to take the next while off and relax with my family, and of course, keep the prank war going with my best pal in Facebook. I'm a dead girl walking. Oh well. It's worth making her laugh. *looks innocent* 

Husband has the entire weekend off...  For the first time in five years, he isn't working till 9 PM on the 24th. It's going to be great to have him home and eat supper at the normal time for a change that day. Son and I are normally up watching Santa zip around the world on NORAD's site while we wait for Husband to get home that night. We're probably going to be keeping track again, but not as much. It's still going to be a great holiday. Just being together is a great present in itself.

My holiday wish came early this year... We saw "Rouge One" in the theater Saturday night, and it was *awesome*!!!! I'm so glad they are keeping the feel of the original trilogy, as well as the story lines perfectly lined up. This movie felt like it had been filmed before "A New Hope", because it lines up perfectly with the beginning to that movie. If you love Star Wars - I do, I'm a huge SW geek! - you will love this movie. It answers a lot of questions about how things came to be at the start of "A New Hope". Don't miss it. 

Seeing it in 3D did make my occipital neuralgia go nuts, but that's normal... That gets agitated at the stupidest things I swear.

Anyway, I wish all of you an amazing holiday, whatever you celebrate... Keep rocking everyone. Namaste and all the best. 

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