Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Snowy Cars, Snowy Cars....

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise winter weather? 

We received our first snowstorm of the season yesterday, and it was not fun at all. The snow started around 7:30 AM yesterday, and it was coming down so fast that the little car was covered before 8 AM, as were the roads.

Schools were going to be closing 3 hours early yesterday, meaning Son's school was getting out at NOON... But after seeing how fast the snow was falling, and how slippery things were at 8 AM,  I made the executive decision to keep him home. 

I'm glad I did. Our road hadn't been plowed at noontime, and I didn't see any plows go by until after 3 PM, it was actually closer to 4 by the time the first one went by. I didn't see it go the other way until after 6 PM, when I was on the phone with my best friend - two hours on the phone with her and that's a *short* conversation! We've gone SIX HOURS before, and probably will again sometime soon. Living across the continent means we become chatterboxes when we get talking over the phone. 

The roads were still nasty this morning, but Son was kept home for another reason. He's sick again, but not as bad as he could be. I think it's just his dust allergy acting up a touch. He's fine, and going back tomorrow even if he doesn't like it....

Things are better with the anemia, but not perfect. My ferritin level (iron stores) came up a couple of notches, but it's not high enough to stop taking the iron supplements. I'm still slightly anemic too. I'm not impressed, but if I want to get better and keep feeling like myself, they are a necessary evil. So... I'm still popping them, and will be until my next check up in March. 

Oh, it's really fun, being sick. /sarcasm

Other than that things are looking up. My lifelong condition has evened out, I'm eating much better, feeling much better, and best of all, I lost a little weight! 

Husband said I'm back to being sunny and positive spirited again. For a while, I was really down in the dumps about certain things, and since they have improved by a thousandfold, I'm feeling more and more like my old self, and I hope this continues. 

There *is* a reason for it, and I will let y'all know when I'm allowed to do so. It's freaking awesome is what it is. ;) 


My best friend said something last week that got me thinking. It made me conclude that I've been expecting perfection in my writing in a rough draft, and therefore throwing me way off, which is the probable cause of me skipping from one story to the next instead of just focusing on one only... I should just *write* and worry about getting it perfect in a *later* draft. 

I'm nowhere near the level of some of my favorite authors, and I should stop thinking I have to have a perfectly polished draft from the get go.

So.... Friday, I decided that I should try writing again, and thought that TEN needs to be fully revised, from the start. It was stalling me a lot, and I could not get past certain things with it, and some of it was illogical for a contemporary, Earth bound romance story. 

I started writing it as just a regular story of a small town boy that meets his match on the desire battlefield... The next thing I knew it was after 2 PM, and I had two whole scenes written in rough draft. Over 1500 words.

Dang, that was easy, once I let go of the notion I have to be perfect in a rough draft. 

I keep forgetting exactly *how* much work went into one of my manuscripts, and how long it took me to get it from its initial draft/incarnation to what it is today. 

It took me over five years to get that particular manuscript up to the highly polished work it is today. Five years of writing the initial draft/incarnation, edits, revisions, more edits, rereads, critiques, more revisions, and a full rewrite, and more revisions, edits, critiques, and so on.

That said, it was worth it. Every single minute of it was a lesson on what to do, and what to avoid.

I'm still learning, and thank heavens I am able to talk to others with more experience, and who know what they're doing. Not just in my genre, but others too. 

It's because of their guidance, honesty and experience that I am the writer I am today. I am so grateful for everything they have taught me, and what they will teach me in the future. 

On a final note, WHOM GODS DESTROY has started re-releasing their songs from their 2007 Demo and their 2011 album "Signs Of Life" as videos with lyrics in them on YouTube. It makes it so much easier to learn the songs, or it is for me. *laughs* 

In closing, I give you one of my favorite songs, "Sea of Tears", from their 2007 4 track Demo CD.


Namaste, and until next time, dear friends.

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