Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lightening Strikes My Hometown...

June 24, 2016.....

"Lightening Leather", Flesh Cauldron's newest album, is finally released.

Troubled Waters holds a celebratory live music show at the Michelin Social and Athletics Club in their hometown of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 

It turned out to be a great lineup, despite only TWO bands being able to perform that night. Flesh Cauldron was the featured band, with Whom Gods Destroy opening for them.

Yours truly was there, of course, and right at the front of the small gathering to cheer on her brothers and Tim, and to congratulate Ovie and Chris of Flesh Cauldron on the release of their new album. 

WGD's set didn't start until about 8 or so, but it was a great set. Songs included "She May Be Evil", "Higher Planes" and of course, the hard rock version of their country song, "God Invented Days Like This for Drinkin'". Their next album is due to be released sometime later this year, or maybe sometime next year. I'm not sure on that, I'll have to talk to the guys about how their post production is coming along. Hopefully it's soon. It's been five years since "Signs of Life" was released. We fans need new music, dammit!! LOL 

I am now glad I took my regular camera with me as backup, because the battery on the "small" tablet happened to croak just as WGD's set was wrapping up.

Hence why Flesh Cauldron's set wasn't on video on my end, and their pictures look different than WGD's. 

Anyway, their set was perfect. You couldn't have gotten a better thrash metal performance. 

Before Ovie and Chris can say they weren't perfect, but the "drummer" was, yes, you two *WERE* perfect performance wise that night. 

The damn drummer did mess up because it didn't cue y'all to start playing at one point. 

Which is pretty bad considering it's a bloody iPod. 

Yeah. LOL

I did get a copy of "Lightening Leather" to enjoy at home, even though I've heard most of the songs on the album at previous live shows, and at "Lightening Strikes". It's damn  good. I liked it even if I'm not a huge fan of thrash metal - Flesh Cauldron is my favorite thrash metal band after all. 

There *is* a little surprise at the very end of the last track on the CD, "Face the Destroyer". You get some dead air for a minute or so between the end of the music and the surprise, but do keep going. What's there is more than worth it! 

Photos from Friday night:

Adam Bondarenko, lead singer and drummer for WHOM GODS DESTROY.

Adam and Eli Bondarenko -bassist for Whom Gods Destroy- during their setup.

WHOM GODS DESTROY - Tim Gaudet (guitars, backup vocals, spokesperson), Adam Bondarenko (vocals, drums) and Eli Bondarenko (bass) - during their performance.

FLESH CAULDRON on the RIGHT: Ovie (vocals, guitar) in the foreground, and Chris Kendall (bass, backup vocals) in the background.

WGD Merchandise! I currently have all three versions of their tee shirts, including two of the black logo ones (on the right). 

Flesh Cauldron (Ovie and Chris), during set up.

Adam Bondarenko and Eli Bondarenko of WHOM GODS DESTROY.

FLESH CAULDRON during their performance.
All in all it was a great night, filled with lots of laughs, good times, and of course, great music. I can't wait for the next live show at the MSAC in town. Anything hosted by Troubled Waters is kick ass, they always seem to get the best bands around. 

Here's a link to the video of WGD's performance. It kicked ass as always.

WGD @ MSAC June 24 2016

On a closing note, one of our friends said "Everyone has porn on their phones!"

I don't. I don't have any porn videos or pics on my tablets...

Oh wait, maybe I do.........

Erotic e-books count as porn, right? 

So yeah, I guess I do have porn on my tablets after all. 

Hey, I'm a romance writer... I'm SUPPOSED to have stuff like that on my devices, etc, right?

Right??? *looks innocent*

Have a great week, everyone!

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