Friday, April 29, 2016

Cold April

Holy smokes, it's almost the end of April already and yet it feels like we're still in mid-March. It's been so cold this month, I'm starting to wonder if spring will ever fully arrive.

For all who are wondering, I'm doing great after my ultra long walk the other day with my close friend D... The main things that were bothering me were my ankles and my Achilles tendons. I barely felt anything in my legs and back. Even my bum shoulder is feeling great, and I have more mobility in it since our walk. Not sure what did that, maybe swinging it back and forth so much during that 90 minute stint? 

As hoped, I was able to take my regular walk yesterday, but with a little extra tacked on to it. Husband - who goes with me once in a while - and I walked down to the one road and back... It's about 1/3 of a mile one way, or 2/3 mile round trip. 

Now I did make a mistake in my calculations in my previous entry. I said to the stream and back it was 1/4 mile round trip. It's actually 1/4 mile one way, making it 1/2 mile round trip

Oops. So I've been walking a lot more than I realized. That's good, right? :) 

I remembered the camera this time around - it's only a point and shoot idiot proof one, a purple Vivitar - and snapped a few photos. You can see the buds coming out on the trees more, and the greens are starting to become more and more vivid. 

The last one is our lone daffodil. It doesn't come up every year, but it is so pretty when it does make an appearance. 

I've also learned a few things about the things I'm eating... I'm now counting a lot of things, like calories, and taking note that just because something "looks" healthy or says "whole grain", etc, doesn't mean it's healthy or right for someone with my condition. I've become one hell of a label reader, and I've noticed that the less of a certain type of food I eat, the better I'm feeling. I do have to keep things within a certain guidelines, but I'm finding that on the lower part of that scale is best for me... So I'm now adapting my eating habits and grocery list to suit that even more. 

Let's just say I'm noticing a huge difference in only three days. It's a pain in the ass to keep track of certain things, but I think in the end, this will be a good chunk of my daily maintenance and bringing myself back to my old self again. It's not just good for my body to do this, it's good for my mental health and overall well being. I find the better I feel physically, the better I am mentally, and that means I'm more productive in the run of a day.

My long term goal is to get back into a size 10. I don't expect that to happen for a few years yet. My doctor wants me to lose weight, but only 2 or 3 pounds per month. If you lose it too fast, it'll come back so much easier. Slow but steady wins the race in this case. :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone... My writing day got preempted by a school inservice this week. No worries, I still have a few extra left between now and the end of the school year. :)

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