Friday, October 9, 2015

Rock N Rolling With It

Fall is in the air, and today was proof of it. We had frost last night, and Son and I just about froze at the bus stop despite wearing our spring/fall jackets.

It was still rather crisp at 10 a.m., when I decided to get myself offline, get my favorite hoodie on, dig out the old MP3 player and get outside for a bit. I wanted to capture some of the fall foliage with the camera, so it turned into a walk down to the stream and back, about 10 minutes each way.

It's not very colorful down this way. Our summer came late, so did the warmer weather, and things have been thrown way off. We do have some colors this year, but things are either still green or going straight to brown for the most part.

Some of the plants growing alongside of the road are brighter than the trees this year so far...

But that's okay. I still got out of the house for a bit, reset my brain from "online mode" to "offline/relaxing mode" and enjoyed the crisp, sweet smelling air.

This gorgeous flower is in full bloom, down by the stream. I saw it and couldn't help taking photos of it...

I was so invigorated when I got into the house, that I opened up the windows, and booted up Word. I was planning on working on the rest of the supporting cast and other names today, but things got a little... weird....

It seems that I'm not completely burned out as an author after all. It took seven months of being ill, stressed out, and other things, but I'm finally over that hump and back into things.. I hope.

Yes, the drought seems to be over finally... "Thirteen" officially has a main manuscript file, and there is one complete scene in it, the opener.... And the second one was started.

I don't remember much about the time I was writing that first scene. It's a bit of a blur... But it looks okay for an ultra rough draft so far, and it is within what I wanted for it... I may add or remove stuff from it over time, but that's normal. I got its rough draft started and hopefully something will come out of this, I do not want this to be just a trickle and stop again... I want to keep writing.

It felt awesome to be writing again, even if it was only 600 words. It's better than nothing, right?

At this point, I think I have most of the main players picked out... I have a few other things to create and name, but I can do that once I'm a little more into this one. I just hope some of my pals are up to brainstorming names for different things with me when the time is right...

I did get a few things done with some of the character bios, notably the leading male and some of the supporting cast even though writing took over the research and setting personality traits and so forth.

If I can get 500 words once a week, I'm going to be happy... Anything is better than not writing!!

Have a great weekend everyone, and if you are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, have a wonderful and safe holiday and long weekend!

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