Friday, October 16, 2015

Endurance Training

Another week and more progress, both in real life and the story idea I've dubbed "Thirteen".

Bowling Saturday night was a blast. I did really well despite being rusty, it was the first time I went to any alley in about six or so months. Hubby and I bowled three strings each - Son was at his grandmother's so we could have "date night" - and although I was sore, it was worth it.

We do the "Candlepin" style of bowling, which is more prominent than the "duckpin" in my area. Candlepin is played mostly in the northern New England States and the Canadian Maritime Provinces, mostly in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The pins are straight sided, the balls are smaller, and from what I understand, it's a somewhat more difficult game. No record of a perfect score of 300 has been recorded to my knowledge to this day in the game.

I have never played the duckpin version. We do not have an alley that has it in my county, and as far as I know, there is only ONE alley that has it in the entire province.


Evidence I'm losing weight was really prominent that night. I shook my hand to alleviate some numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome, and my hematite ring flew off of my finger. Thankfully it didn't go far, and the alley wasn't crowded - Hubby and I were the only ones in there at the time.

My jeans kept wanting to slide down over my hips too. Yeah, that was really fun, trying to bowl and trying to keep the jeans up at the same time.

And what was my tightest pair of jeans that still fit me are now getting looser too... They were trying to fall down during Wednesday's walk.

I think it's time to invest in a belt...

My wedding ring is starting to get really loose too. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to wear that on the middle finger and get another ring for the ring finger. *blink*

Maybe it's all of the walking I'm doing, the healthier eating and the fact I do not each much processed food and NO fast food these days??? :)

Whatever. It's working so far, and I'm determined to keep rolling with this. Not too fast, because it'll come back a lot easier then.

In the last week, my energy level has improved by 100%. I feel like doing more and more each day, like heavy stuff around the house and lots of it, and I tend to be more "awake" now, on less sleep than I was getting before I snapped out of the fog I was in all summer.

Yeah, the walks are helping, a lot.

I am still going to the stream and back, and will continue to do just that short route until I'm so used to it that I'm barely winded when I reach my driveway. I did it three times this week, and even added a little extra to the route, so I am slowly getting there.

I just want to build up my endurance before going nuts with the walking.

I'm also retraining for writing endurance. I had three days this week and it was rough getting into the swing of things.

That said, I managed to get a full scene written in two days, after fighting not to write it up. It's a scene that happens later on in the story, and one I hadn't planned on writing up yet. I wanted to get more added to the main file before I did anything else.

Oh well, at least I was writing, right? ;)

My best friend helped me brainstorm that scene once she and I clued in that it was NOT going to leave me alone until I wrote it up. Thanks to her, I managed to figure out a lot of dynamics, and how to lead into it, as well as exactly *what* happens, etc.

She and I plan on brainstorming more when the time is right, and when Son isn't looking over my shoulder. He's getting more and more curious about what I'm writing about, and well, it's not fit for youngsters, if y'all know what I mean. ;)

The scene itself is about 1800 words, over 1000 of that was added today in only an hour.

Wish I would have been able to settle into it earlier than I had, I would have hit the 2K mark for today alone had my brain wanted to stop running around like a bloody squirrel on crack.... *SIGH*

Anyway, I hope all of my fellow Canadians had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving...

It's hard to believe that Halloween, Samhain and the rest of the days of the dead are almost upon us. This summer went by so darn fast.

Have a great weekend everyone. :) 

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