Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where Did Summer Go? (And More)

Ten weeks can go by in the wink of an eyelash.

I can't believe summer is over already, and Son is in Grade 5. School started last Thursday, and Son is more than happy to be back amongst his friends and classmates, learning and having fun with everyone.

It's his last year in the elementary end of his school, and it's bittersweet. He's worked so hard to make it this far, and he loves it there... Yet he has to move on and grow, and go on to new adventures in new places.

I'm so proud of him.

This past weekend also saw me finally getting off my "tush" and opening "Hearts Remembering" for the first time in a few weeks. It needed one last full edit before my new team of critique readers got their paws on it.

It went into Critique Draft Mode on Friday, and later that evening, this one's team - two returning members from the Away to Me critique, and three new ones - got a copy of it for their enjoyment. The only one who may do some editing in it for me is my best friend Heather, because she just can't resist it. That said, my editing is improving and she's not seeing a lot of stuff in later drafts now, not like she was a few years ago.

I'm hoping to hear back from them in about a month's time. Once that's done and I make any suggested changes (that will work for this story), I guess it's off to a publisher, once I find one that will take a story like it.... I have a few in mind already.

Hearts Remembering turned out to be my saving grace this past weekend... The entire full edit was done in less than 12 hours, most of it on Friday.

You see, I had to have something to keep me busy. We found out early Friday morning that a close friend of ours (who was also one of Hubby's coworkers) was killed in a car crash about 3 hours before that.

I needed to focus on something other than what happened and all of the questions banging around in my skull. Those questions have been answered, but I'm not going to say what they were publicly. Those who were close to her know the truth, and that's all that matters.

We said goodbye to her yesterday. It was so hard to do that too. She was a sweet person, sunny natured like I am, and a lot of people loved her.

We're really going to miss her.

This one is for you KS. Soar with eagles, my dear friend. Universe Bless. ♥

Song: "Higher Planes" by Whom Gods Destroy