Sunday, September 27, 2015

Afterglow: A Bridgewater Art Experience

Last night was a lot of fun.

Husband, Son and I attended Afterglow Art Show, which was held on King Street in Bridgewater this weekend.

I am not an art connoisseur by any means - I can't draw or paint to save my life - but I do know what I like, and boy, there was a lot of what I like floating around the festival last night.

Spray paint art. Unusual but cool, especially when you see the amount of planning and different techniques used in creating this sort of piece.

Our first stop was to watch Kyle, the artist behind KyleO's Spray Paint Art, at work. And work he did, completing several pieces in front of the crowd that had gathered around his booth.

Son was especially happy to meet his art idol and to watch him working. Son has a piece that Husband and I commissioned Kyle to create just for our son for his last birthday - one of a starship. He was given a mask so he could watch from a much closer distance than most of us - even outdoors, spray paint does tend to get into your lungs and such pretty quickly - and he was even giving a rundown on what Kyle was doing, for people who were behind him.

I was fascinated to see how Kyle did it. We had one piece of his so far, one of three planets and an alien landscape, and I wanted to see how this talented young man created such interesting work using only spray paint as a medium.

I'm not going to go into detail, I don't have permission to do that, but I will say it was really cool to see him produce a gorgeous piece of art in only a short time, once he got going.

He uses different techniques to create texture, depth, shadows, light and everything else, including blending different colors to create an almost nebula like background for some of his works.

It's not all about spray painting, some of it takes actual handwork instead of just layering spray paint....

Flaming adds another kind of texture, and it's a cool effect to show in front of a crowd, especially after the sun goes down... That's his fiancee smiling at the camera. She was tickled that I was going to be sharing photos of Kyle's work on my blog and my page.

The finished product: A fairy sitting on a branch.

We stuck around to watch Kyle create yet another work, this one of mountains and a moon or planet in the sky. I thought it was a pretty cool picture. Son thought it was awesome.

Other works included a show right across the street from Kyle's booth, over in the Parkade.

Industribe had an interesting show, with fire dancers and even someone dressed up as a monarch butterfly. I was hoping to catch their after dark show, but we were on the other end of King Street when they had it.

Another one was Chalkmaster Dave, who was drawing a picture right on the pavement of King Street.

I didn't get photos of other parts of the show, because I really didn't have permission from the artist to take them.

We did stop inside one of the inside exhibits, one that featured a lot of abstract art by a lady named Monika Wright. Her works included acrylic works that were interesting. Normally I do not like abstract art, but hers used a lot of different textures that made it interesting. Her choices of color were to my liking as well - purples in most of the paintings - so I was rather surprised and pleased with her exhibit.

We headed back toward Kyle O's area and well, I kind of talked Hubby into getting me not one but two of Kyle's pieces for me, one of a reptilian eye with a planet in its iris, and one of a star rising above a lake. Both are gorgeous and I can't wait to show them off once I get frames for them.

I did get some cool shots of downtown Bridgewater, as well as a few other things...

On King Street by the South Parkade. The lights are by the Old Bridge.

The Old Bridge, which crosses the Lahave River by the Bridgewater Mall.

Moon over the Bridgewater Mall.

The Lahave River fountain, between the two bridges. It changes colors at night... Here it's in blue.

A Halloween display in the Kitchen Witch store window.

The Veteran's Memorial Bridge, or "New Bridge" as it's known to locals. That's the fountain to the right.

For more information on Afterglow, check out their Facebook fan page.

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