Thursday, March 5, 2015

What? Well, I Guess The International Space Station Caught That One!

You ever have one of those times that you did something and didn't realize it until a week or so later?

That happened to me today.

Now before anyone thinks something bad happened, it didn't. What I did was a good thing, and I can hear my best friend (who lives in Washington State, too freaking far away for my taste!) laughing her ass off right now. She's probably thinking "Leave it to you to do that, Valerie!", which is making her laugh even harder. (Love ya H!)

You see, last week, I finished the grand finale in Twelve, and had things set up for an epilogue, but wasn't sure how to proceed. It was bus time anyway, so I let it go and decided to think about it on the days I couldn't write.

I've tried writing the epilogue for this rewrite several times, but haven't been able to get it going. I thought it was because I couldn't quite figure out how to get things set up for a certain thing to be done, or I was too tired. I was getting images for it here and there, but only fleeting ones.

An epilogue for this one isn't happening by the looks of it right now, and I know why.

Last week, I made the decision that Twelve's sequel isn't likely to be written up any time soon, if ever. I've tried coming up with a story for it but other than the romance end of things and that you would see the first couple in it here and there, I still have no bloody clue on how to go about it.

The epilogue of Twelve was supposed to introduce one of the sequel's main characters, and tie up things up very neatly. The decision not to write a sequel to it right now is what told me why an epilogue for it isn't coming to me at all.

So yeah, it looks like I finished Twelve without really knowing it. LOL Duh!

So, what's next, you ask?

I've already dug out Ten's files and started converting them over to Word 2013, and reread some of the parts of that manuscript. Since I'm going back to basics on that one - the original version of it was ultra complicated, just like Twelve's original version - I have to do a rewrite on how things are set up for the mains, like how they meet for the first time, and so forth.

Some things will be kept - like the one sex scene and teasers for example, as well as the build up of sexual tension.

These characters are a little different from Twelve's or those in Away to Me, so it's going to be interesting to see how well I can write them up.

I'm also considering stepping out of my comfort zone for a few things in this one. Not saying what though... And if it doesn't work according to my Beta Team, I'll just go back to something that does work!

Hey, a good part of being a writer is the rewrites, after all! *wink!*

I leave you with stats on what was code named "Twelve"...


Name: "Hearts Remembering"
Length: 114 pages.
Word count: 60,626.
Start date: October 3, 2014.
Finish Date: February 28, 2015.

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