Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Knuckling Down...

It's been a wild March...

First of all, the week before March Break was a complete SNAFU. Son was sent home sick with a massive chest and head cold on the Tuesday before it started and was home the rest of the week. I had planned to use that Friday for preliminary work on another idea or to see what was salvageable from an older, unfinished manuscript to work on next.

It's okay. I didn't mind him being home and well, I kind of needed to bounce out of the shock that yes, I finished another manuscript draft, without knowing it.

Son rested and watched a lot of TV or movies while I started the process of switching gears to editing "Hearts Remembering" instead of writing it.

March Break went by too fast. Hubby caught Son's cold and he was resting a lot when he wasn't working, and the last going off, I had it too.

It wasn't the way we had planned to spend March Break. We were hoping to get up to the Valley to see my mom, my sister and my sister's family on one of Hubby's days off. Unfortunately that didn't happen between us being ill and the wild weather we had, so the trip is postponed AGAIN. *sigh* Hopefully some time in April, once the snow melts........

We had two very nasty storms during the Break... On March 15, we had an ice storm that made roads almost impassable and coated everything. Our power was out for over 7 hours, much to Son's disgust. Thankfully he was okay once he was set up with plenty of books and his MP3 player. I read that entire day in between doing the housework I could do without power. March 18th saw another storm, over a foot of snow came down. I could NOT see my back yard from the window above the sink. There was a six foot snow drift in between the dryer porch and the attached storage area on the back of the house. It was that bad!

I had hoped to see what was salvageable from one of the older, unfinished manuscripts this week, but I had strict orders to stay OUT of Word and take March Break off, all from my best friend.

It had been awfully tempting to fire up Word and sneak into an editing session, but the thought of her duct taping me to the roof with my son's help wasn't appealing. I do want her to visit sometime, but for more than a goofy prank... Hopefully next year or if I'm really lucky, later this year...

But now that March Break is over, I can get back to work - on editing/proofing/formatting "Hearts Remembering" Draft 2, preliminary work on another manuscript either a revamp or a completely new one, or even the longer synopses of "Away to Me" for publishers that want that kind of thing. Yesterday I started the long process of going over "Hearts Remembering" with a fine toothed comb and hope to continue doing that today in between things. My next "Writing Day" will see me either getting another publisher's package ready for "Away to Me" or trying to get into another first draft of something.

I'm also debating on who to send the manuscripts to when I'm ready... Soooooooo many wonderful and great publishing houses out there for the genres I write..... Decisions, decisions....

Have a great week, everyone! Hopefully your spring is going much better than ours. We still have snow banks around that tower over 20 feet, and in some spots, over 30! I can not wait until all of it is gone... I'm so sick of seeing a blank, white pallet... I need color, and soon, darnnit! *SIGH*

The snow drift blocking my view of the back yard.

Ice coating the branches of our ash tree.

Our backyard with everything covered in snow and ice.

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