Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nor'Easters and More...

Considering what the majority of Canadians have been getting over the last while, getting a rainy nor'easter is nothing, even with a leaky roof and the power holding on by a wing and a prayer. I can't complain, it is NOT snow and that's the main thing.
If the amount of rain we got overnight last night had been snow, we would have been buried under half a meter (50 cm or 20 inches in American) of the white garbage. The ditches along the side of the road were full, as was the yard across the road from us... A lot of rain came down in one heck of a short time. I'm glad it wasn't overly cold and the temperature did not drop until it was close to afternoon bus time. Otherwise, the roads would have been treacherous for the buses.


There is progress to report on Twelve, in the same area I was working on last week. The first draft of that area is almost finished and it looks like it's going to cover an entire chapter. It is choppy in spots but where it's a first draft, that's okay for now. I can fix it later, right? :)

I have also started rewriting the last scene in chapter five, because I was stuck and realized I was doing a huge information dump in that spot. It's better if I have the information scattered throughout the entire manuscript instead of one area, less painful for the readers.

That's if this one ever sees the light of day...


Gang, the "Creed" part of my blog title doesn't just refer to music. Creed is my favorite band of all time, and to me, they represent the best of my favorite bands.

Yes, I have heard the news, and watched most of the statements released by Creed's frontman.

Here's the thing. I'm CANADIAN. Up here, we generally don't pay attention to stuff like this, and any celebrities living and working in our music, film, television, etc industries are generally left alone.

This means I don't believe most of the rumors flying around about any celebrity out there, and I tend to be skeptical even if someone ultra close to the celebrity shares "something". Even someone as honest and frank with his fans like a certain band's frontman has backstabbers hiding amongst the "friends" after all.

I ask, out of respect for him, his family and those who remain loyal to him, that no one posts anything derogatory about him on my personal and my public areas. This includes my personal and author profiles in various spots, my Facebook page, and of course, comments on this blog.

Saying you don't like his music is one thing - that's your opinion after all - but getting on a soap box and calling him everything but a male isn't being polite or civil.

This is my first, last and only public statement on the matter.

I leave you with a photo taken at his November 20, 2010 concert in the Schooner Showroom of Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax, and the official video of his song, "Slow Suicide" off his 2013 album "Proof of Life".


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