Monday, November 3, 2014

"Dark Matter"

Halloween/Samhain has come and gone and our little ghoul made out like a bandit again this year. Unfortunately his costume from previous years no longer fit him but with a little ingenuity, some quick thinking and some creativity on his father's part, he wound up getting a great costume, one that a lot of people loved this year. Thank the heavens Son's father and I are like minded a lot of the time!

I'm also on Day 109 of my quit smoking journey... Half the time I don't even think about cigarettes nowadays.

I guess that's a good thing, right? LOL

It is now the dark half of the year, post harvest and pre planting time. This is the time when I get ideas for my work but I generally do not write until things start turning toward the warmer months of the year.

It is official: I do have another story in the works. I am at the start of Chapter 5 of its main file and I am starting to get that "daffy doodle" feeling I normally get when I'm deep into a story. I admit I am daffy as a rule but I get worse when I'm deep into writing a story.

I've hit a few speed-bumps but it's coming along, better than I had hoped. Before anyone asks, yes, this is the one I have been working on since late September, with the character bios and other things. Its designation is "Twelve" right now.

I do have the title for it, and everything else including a list of key scenes in order. I find I'm getting more and more organized with prep work and other things before I'm deep into a story with each new manuscript I attempt or start.

Okay, that is VERY scary... Me, organized? Wow. That rarely happens!

(I can hear my two best pals, my brother and sister, and my sister in law laughing now...)

Today I was at a crossroads with the writing so I took a day off to do a reread of "Away to Me", something I've been putting off for the last couple of weeks. I've been too damn busy getting this new one off the ground that I keep forgetting to do checks on the old ones.

To me, it looks almost pristine, but my editing skills are horrid at best. I'm going to see what my sister in law, Bestie, G and A have to say before I do anything wonky, like send it out before it's ready!

I'll get back to Twelve later this week. I figured out where to go with the start of Chapter 5 so it should be smoother sailing from this point on in the story.

I don't know about anyone else, but man, this time change back to Standard time over daylight savings time has me knocked out of whack....

Have a great week everyone!

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