Friday, November 21, 2014

Burning Along...

This week was interesting, writing wise.

First of all, I discovered that Word 2013 allows a person to produce a PDF offline, for publishing purposes or to allow you to email the file to someone else.

It's a great feature and one I put to the test when I sent the most recently edited copy of Away to Me to G and the other members of my reading team.

When it comes to Twelve, the current WIP, Wednesday saw me at another crossroads on what to do with the story itself. I find I move faster if I do things a certain way and try not to let myself fall into the "ultra wordy" pattern I land into sometimes.

I also see a possible rewrite of a lot of the scenes in the first five chapters. They are too wordy and too much like something I'm trying to avoid.

That said, there are a few things that are working wonderfully in those first few chapters and those are staying for now.

Since I wasn't sure how to continue in the main file, I decided working on something that's been bugging me for a few days wouldn't hurt. It's a scene that happens much later in the story and I thought it was best to write it up before I lost it.

Wednesday morning and all day today was spent writing up the first and middle parts of it. It looks good so far... Even the "naughty" scene in the middle part is close to what I was hoping to get in its rough draft.

It isn't done yet but it will be sometime soon, ready to be spliced into the main file when the time is right. It will probably encompass an entire chapter, even with compressions and edits by the time it's done. It covers most of one subject so yeah, it's best I have it all in one chapter, or as less than one.

D has a copy of what's in it so far, just as an example of what's going to be highlighted in the parts near the end and to show off its heat level. I'm thinking there may be a few more sex scenes in this one than there was in "Away to Me"... Or the same amount. I'm not sure yet, we'll have to see how things go with this one I guess. lol

I know I've grown and changed as a writer, even since finishing draft one of "Away to Me" six months ago.

I just hope all of those changes are for the better.

Anyway, I have only four or five writing days at most before the holidays are upon me... Hopefully I can make a lot more progress in Twelve before I have to take two whole weeks off from writing.

Now taking bets on how long it'll be before I start gnawing on the monitor while Son's home on winter vacation..................................................................

Have a great weekend everyone!

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