Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Writing Time 2014, Part Deux....

Wow, has it really been over two weeks since I last updated the blog? Time's a-flying again...

So... Sister in law has started reading "Away to Me" and sent me her list of edits for the first two chapters and the synopsis so far. I have a lot to do with just her suggestions alone. Bestie got her copy about a week ago at the most but won't get into it until sometime next month. D and A are reading it now, or will be shortly, so that's all good.

I haven't worked on Ten much the last couple of weeks, other than a glance at it or jotting down an idea for it. I haven't been up to doing much writing wise this summer, between my health being the pits, the mosquito population and quitting smoking just over a week ago. I'm hoping now that the "just quit" fog is lifting that I can get back into it over the next month or so.

As for Ten, I may wind up having to rewrite it from the start... It's too wordy, which is part of what I'm trying to avoid. It is going in the right direction that I want to take my writing, somewhat, but not like "Away to Me" did, and it's starting to tick me off. I can do a lot better than this.

I know I can do so much better, and I know what has to be done to do it right, too. "Away to Me" isn't a failure, unlike my first two manuscripts. I don't want Ten going the wrong way after all.... Lesson learned!

Have a great week everyone!

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