Friday, May 2, 2014

Setting Fire to the Keyboard and Word Processor....

I look at my most recent blog entry before this one and I'm amazed at my progress since I posted that (April 25th).

Was it only a bare week ago that I was in the middle of Chapter 8? It feels like more time has gone by since then... I must have had a bigger writing fog encompass my brain than I thought. Sheesh.

Well, things have been ultra nuts here this week. Hubby worked Monday, Wednesday and Friday daytimes, and was gone most of the day on Tuesday... So y'all know what I was doing. Ha.

I can't remember my word counts from Monday through Wednesday without checking my writing thread in one of my forums and I'm too out of it to go back in there now, but I know before today, I had a 6400 word week, which isn't that bad.

General synopsis for the week:

Monday: 2200 words added.

Tuesday: Finished Chapter 8, started Chapter 9.

Wednesday: Chapter 9 done, started Chapter 10.

Thursday: Rest and regroup day. Didn't do much other than chat with the local beta reader, play a few games in Facebook and mulled over the latest speed bump in the writing.

Friday: Figured out how to get past it, but thanks to some technical difficulties with my computer, got thrown off the curve and had only an 1800 word day before afternoon bus time. Wrote a short scene in main file and started a scene that would be spliced into the main file pretty soon. Wanted to get the basics of the start of it down before I forgot it!!!

After school total: 8K for the week.

Friday evening: Son had an activity evening and Hubby went with him. I stayed home and wrote. Chapter 10 finished and started Chapter 11. Now heavily into the "over 18" stuff finally. Word count total for the entire day: over 4800 words.

Those extra hours put me up to an 11K word week. Pretty darn good considering all of the problems I've been having hitting speed bumps and the stupid computer going ballistic on me by times!

I'm so foggy right now that a bomb could go off in my face and I probably wouldn't notice it. I've been going faster than the speed of light with this one, much faster than I was writing Family Portraits last year.

This is nuts. When the writing bug bites and a story gets you in its grip, you're a goner.

It's a great feeling, knowing you're creating something, and the high I get from a great writing day or week has no comparison. If the side effects didn't include walking into walls or the brain getting confused at everything, I'd love it even more...

It's worth it though. :)

Backups were done at 10 p.m. ADT on external drive for the record. After this week's amount of words added, I'm NOT going to risk losing all of it!

Next on the agenda: Finish that scene I started and spliced in today and figure out how to get from the end of that one to another one I started a while back!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm relaxing tomorrow, and we'll be watching Doctor Who reruns tomorrow afternoon. Gotta get my man in the blue box fix! Hehehehehehee!

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