Friday, May 9, 2014

Moving Along--Wait! Was That a Speed Bump or a Bloody Mountain?

It's been one of those weeks where real life, the writing life and everything else just seemed to throw whatever it wanted at a lot of people I know.

I am keeping all who lost loved ones this week in my thoughts and prayers.

Canada's literary world lost one of its greats this past week also. Mr. Farley Mowat, author of "Never Cry Wolf" and "Lost in the Barrens", among so many other great books, passed away this week, only days before his 93rd birthday. I remember reading "Lost in the Barrens" and its sequel, "Curse of the Viking Grave", in elementary school, and loved both books.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mowat's family and loved ones. He is going to be missed.

My Writing World...

I managed to get in a little writing time earlier this week, but after that, not much was going on until today. I'm not saying why publicly either.

Hubby didn't work a full daytime shift this week, not even today. His schedule got changed around, which meant I had only a couple of hours to work, with an hour break in between things today.

That said, between 2 two-hour writing sprees, I managed to get 2400 words added to Eleven, even with a rewrite of the last part of the scene I was working on last week and on Monday. (The scene was going down the exact road that a scene from another manuscript some publishers saw prematurely and I do NOT want to get stuck in a rut writing wise, so I changed it!) Things look better now and I'm "finally" into the full blown over 18 stuff.

It's a relief to finally get there. I wasn't sure on how things in this one would progress in that particular arena other than there would be at least one or two graphic ones in the story. Not knowing kind of annoyed me too, because I like to have the majority of a story "mapped out" in regards to scene ideas by the time I'm halfway through it.

I'm about halfway through Eleven now, if not more than that with the scenes that need to be spliced in. Not bad for less than three months of writing part time.

I still wish I was one of the lucky ones that can write more than one book a year. Maybe someday....

Chapter 11's first draft is finished, and so far it looks okay for a first draft. I know it needs to be edited by someone other than me, and boy am I expecting a lot of creative/constructive criticism from my betas once they get it!

That's okay with me. My editing STINKS to high heaven!

I'm not sure what's happening next week, but I hope to have at least one full day... Or if that doesn't happen, Hubby being a sweetie pie and leaving the house for a couple of hours one or two days this week so I can work. I tend to get ultra grumpy if I don't work on things here and there after all... *whistling innocently!*

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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