Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Great End to a Crazy Week....

This week has been one of the craziest I've had in ages... Both in real life and my writing world. 

Writing wise, it wasn't my best week yet. Wednesday saw me get another 3100 words added to Eleven, and progress a little more in Chapter 6. I'm almost done that chapter, once I get over a speed bump. It's normal, they happen and I will find a way over it... Somehow! Some spots are too wordy, others need to be added to, and I'm seeing mistakes all over the place. I have orders to just WRITE and worry about that later, like after its first draft is finished!

I started prepping for Friday's run, by thinking if I couldn't progress in the main file, I'd work on something else... Like start a new scene to splice in later or continue on in another scene idea I've already started.

Life does love to throw curve balls once in a while...

Friday was a dud writing wise. I guess Uni decided I needed a break and made me take one by making me sick on Thursday. I spent all of Friday recovering from it... I slept most of the day, and although I tried to work, I could not get my brain to work right.

All of my readers know that when I say I'm "too sick" to work, I'm knocked flat. Yeah, Thursday and yesterday were not good days. I'm glad my husband was around on Thursday so I could spend the rest of the day in bed with the cat, in between bouts of sipping ginger ale (gross!) and praying I'd be fine for Saturday morning's adventure at this year's Knowledge Festival, held at my old high school.

I'm now back to my old self, things went beyond my imagination and expectations for my son today (update on that is HERE on my Autism Blog - ALL students who represented their schools are winners in my opinion!) and I'm a little ticked off at myself for not getting more than 3100 words added to Eleven. I know, I should be easier on myself, but with the way things have been really smoking in the writing department, I can't help but be a little tee'd off for not getting more done in it. I want its first draft done as soon as I can do it, that way I can get it into draft 2 and off to my alpha and beta teams... And so I'm not going so crazy not being able to write a lot during the summer months!

It seems I'm going to get one writing day this week after all, and I plan on burning up Word to make up for missing out on writing time on Friday... Blasted germs. *SIGH* If I can't get over that speed bump in Chapter 6 this coming week, I'll work on another scene to splice in later on.

Hey, it's still progress even if it's not in the main file, right? *wink!*

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

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