Monday, March 3, 2014

Splicing and Extras, Eleven Style...

Last week was one of those weeks. Despite real life and "unrealities" flying at my head, I ducked all of it and got some work out of the way on Eleven.

I had two writing days this past week and I made the most of them. Wednesday, I finally got over that *censored* speed bump in Chapter 1, spliced in the part I had written up the Friday before, and continued on. Chapter 2 has been started.

However, something else for the story had been niggling at my mind the next day, and on Friday, I started a new file. It's a scene that will be spliced in later on in the story, it happens about halfway through or so. It's been in the mind for a while and I wanted to get it down before I forgot it, so I attacked it.

I managed to get all but one of my writing goals for the week accomplished... They included getting 500 words of new stuff added to one of the WIPs and a few other things. I got over 3000 words added in various spots in Eleven, so I more than surpassed that goal. 

Because I have been doing so well with this new one so far, I've upped this week's writing goal of new material to 750 words. Let's see if I can make it or even surpass it, shall we?

We also had a little "fun" here over the weekend. Son had a project that was due today for school and he and I spent most of the day working on it yesterday... I knew sponges could absorb glue, but not THAT much! *BLINK* The problem has been fixed and things seemed fine this morning before he left. I just hope it all goes well for him...

By the way, Troubled Waters' next event in Bridgewater happens next month... It's on Saturday, April 5th, and I hope to go. It all hinges on Hubby's schedule. If he works daytime that day, I'll be going and if he works the evening, I won't be able to attend. The members of Whom Gods Destroy understand and know if I'm not able to be "there", I will be with them in spirit! It's a great lineup... As of this date, it's Doom Machine, Inviting End, Try Dying, and of course, my brothers and Tim in Whom Gods Destroy (bands subject to change). 

Of course, a huge thank you to Troubled Waters for putting on the event, as always. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.. I'll be posting again if I get anything written up in either Ten or Eleven. Keep rocking everyone! 

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