Thursday, March 13, 2014

Revisiting and Losing What Little Mind I Have Left...

It's March break here, but there's been a lot happening in my writing world.

First of all, I wasn't expecting to get a lot of writing done, but thanks to my wonderful husband, I had a couple of hours alone on Tuesday and today. Between those two short alone times, I managed to get over 2600 words added to Eleven, in various parts. I managed to get over the latest speed bump in the main file and continue on with it a little, as well as added to the part I've dubbed "BUSTED!". 

I have been talking to Sandra on and off, and her writing hasn't been going the best either... We've come to the conclusion that we're sort of in "editing mode" while we're trying to write, so we're not as wordy in our newer projects.

Um, that's not good. It slows us down a lot and well, it's pretty darn annoying to be sitting here trying to move forward in the story if we're constantly going back and editing the last three paragraphs. I was doing it today and was pushing myself *not* to go there. It's rough, because thanks to me setting a word limit on myself I'm always checking to see how far along I am, and to make sure I don't go nuts again, like I did in the Legacies series. *headdesk!*

I'm now trying to just "pants" along and remind myself I'll do the revisions LATER, like after I'm done writing for the day but that doesn't always work. (I know my fellow writers can get that!) No matter what I do, I'm going back and editing while trying to write. Ugh!!!


The full overhaul of the Legacies series has begun in earnest. Stage One saw me skimming over the manuscript and highlighting a lot of the problem areas, like where it's too wordy, stuff that was passive and other things. Stage Two was started yesterday, with me converting the file into a PDF and sending it out to one of my local best pals, who has now been officially made a member of my beta reading team. She's seeing a lot of the stuff I've missed and agreeing with what I've deemed "problem areas" - areas where I'm too wordy or I've deemed passive and can be removed without hurting the story at all.

I've also decided that the story can be made into TWO books and will probably be doing that at some point, after adding a "happy for now" bit at the end of Part One. It'll be easy to do. No Regrets covers a long time span, with a multi year gap between the end of part one and the start of Part Two. I already have a title for Part Two and am thinking about what to call Part One. It'll come to me when the time is right. No Regrets is far from being ready to send out again, so I have plenty of time.

I'm still kicking myself for being stupid and sending it out when I did... Yet, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have realized it wasn't ready by a long shot and wouldn't have learned a valuable lesson... Do NOT be overconfident in your editing skills for stuff you've written. Get a couple of trusted people to help you so you don't make the same mistake I did for crying out loud!

You write you learn, as Sandra says... She is so right!

Hopefully as the overhaul progresses, I'll get deeper into writing Eleven and won't be in editing mode so much as I'm actually writing. I'm pretty darn fed up with myself and I want to be able to WRITE without any hang ups or my brain going in circles! ARGH!

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope all of my fellow writers are more productive than I've been lately. *laughs*

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