Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eleven, a Snow-icane and Metal

Morning everyone. We're getting a blizzard today, one that meteorologists are comparing to the Blizzard of 2004, aka "White Juan". We're been warned we could get upwards of 30 to 50 cm (12 to 20 inches) of snow, and winds comparable to a hurricane - hence the term "snow-icane. We're settled in for the duration, my husband has the day off and schools were canceled in our district due to the upcoming storm. The wind is picking up and I'm seeing a few flakes of the white crap falling already, so I know things are going to get nasty soon.

Yesterday I had some alone time so I dove into working on Eleven, in Chapter 4. I managed to just WRITE and got over 1000 words added to the main file, 250 over this week's goal. I know a lot of it will have to be compressed, removed or moved to another spot in the manuscript, but dang it, I WROTE and I'm pleased with getting that out of my system. No gnawing on the monitor for me for a day or two at least!

When I logged on this morning, one of my local pals shared something that made me smile, which I needed (snow storms always make me grumpy!). It's an article in our local paper about my favorite local band, Whom Gods Destroy. To see their smiling faces and to read the positive words about them made my day.

Congrats, Whom Gods Destroy. Didn't I say you'd be getting attention at some point? *nyah!*

If anyone would like to read the article, it's HERE.

I'll post an update when I can, between real life, power outages and if I get anything done writing wise over the next few days. I'm not expecting a full writing day this week due to today's blizzard. If it turns out to be as nasty as predicted, it's going to take a few days for the DOT to get everything cleaned out enough for vehicles other than the emergency ones.

To all who are being affected by this mess, STAY SAFE and STAY OFF THE ROADS unless it's an emergency or you're told to evacuate!

Me, I'm hoping the power stays on.....

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