Sunday, March 23, 2014

Eleven, Revamps and "Head Desk!"...

Eleven is progressing - sometimes slower than a glacier, others faster than the speed of light. Friday was my most recent writing day, and although I wasn't sure how to proceed, I "pantsed" my way through it and came up with another lighter scene. It's one that fits the overall story itself.

And after talking with two of my betas - my local friend and Sandra - I figured out how things are going to go in Chapter 4.

It was a 3800 word day, almost 8 times my goal for the week. I'm happy with it... I just sat here and WROTE, I didn't try to edit anything at all, and it turned out pretty darn good for a rough draft. I was more concerned about getting the story moving than getting it perfect the first time, so that was a huge help.

As for what used to be "No Regrets", I see a lot of changes coming for that particular story. I guess there were more passive scenes near the end of Vol. 2 than I had imagined.... By the time I'm done taking it all out, I may be able to squash the entire story back together into one volume. Yes, there IS that much "passive" stuff in it, so much that the one beta felt like she hit a brick wall after seeing the rest of it flow a lot easier. What she recommends removing is over 13,000 words worth of stuff.


That said, I guess I can spin a good tale, and it'll be a lot better once I do the full revamp.

I will be taking a lot of the "stuff" out after "Crash and Burn", but not sure if all of it's going to go or not. There's one part I really have to think about, and talk to the last two members of my beta team before I remove it. (Sandra voted to keep it, but compress it a lot) So I'm unsure on how much of the "aftermath" will be kept at this point in time.

It's going back to the "shelved" area for now, until the other two betas finally read it in its entirety. After they're done, I'll probably dig it out and start the revisions - over the summer months if the last two are finished. If not, it'll stay there and I will just focus on getting Eleven up to snuff for their viewing pleasure, or if its first draft isn't finished, keep plugging away at it in summer writing time, and do other things. I want some new banners made for myself and my author page, and I'd love to get some new banners made for other people and sites. If Sandra needs me to make updated covers for all three of her currently published books, I'm game to do them, and anything else she would like me to do for her.

Yes, I see a lot of photography in my future. I'm not as good as one of my betas at it, but I do love it and hope to improve with practice. I wish I could afford a better camera.... Maybe in the future.

Before I close, there's been a change of date for Troubled Waters' next event - Spring Into Metal. It was supposed to take place on Saturday, April 5th, but the date has been changed to Friday, April 4th due to a scheduling conflict. It's still going to be held at the MSAC in Bridgewater, NS, and there is a $5 cover charge for anyone who isn't a MSAC member. I plan on being there, to watch Whom Gods Destroy, Flesh Cauldron, Try Dying and Doom Machine rock the place!

For more information, please check Troubled Waters' Facebook Page.

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