Saturday, February 1, 2014


Another week has passed and once again, there's been progress on the writing front.

Tuesday, I was alone in the house for a few hours and wanted to get another erotica scene out of the way. Normally I can write just a regular love scene in my sleep, but it wasn't easy for me to get moving in this one at first, and it's not because of my brain short circuiting or lack of creativity. Everything was lined up perfectly... I could visualize everything that was happening in the scene, I could hear the dialogue and I knew what was going to lead into it.

So I should have gotten it done in an hour or so, right?

Wrong. It turned out the blasted cat decided that the instant my fingers started making the keys on the keyboard click, it was her signal to start yowling, pouncing on anything and everything, and knocking stuff over. When I stopped typing and got up to see what she was into, she'd stop and be quiet... Until I sat down and started typing again. *SIGH* 

This went on for about two hours, even with me throwing stuffed animals at her to get the point across.

Despite the cat going nuts on me, I did finish the scene just as my husband got home from running errands. 

I had another late night talk/editing session with my Peapod (best friend) that night...She read the ultra rough version of the scene and pointed out a lot of stuff to me that I had missed or where I was repetitive, etc. This one was a lot smoother and needed a lot less cleaning up than the other erotic scene I wrote last week, and after a bit of tweaking, etc, it's been declared "draft one worthy", and is very close to my standards for a first draft.

Peapod also mentioned something I need to work on with the style... I'm pretty wordy in my writing, and well, that's not great if I am trying to keep it within certain parameters for word count and if I don't want to bore a reader. I'm trying to discipline myself into a "less is more" way of describing things, and yeah, it's hard to do after writing two very detailed double length manuscripts. Let's just say things are going to be very "compressed" in the descriptions in Ten... One or two power-packed sentences to describe the energy of a spot is more than enough. I'm trying to remember that...

I also had two full writing days this week, and I was determined to get moving in the main file again, come hell or high water. I reread what I had originally for how the characters keep running into each other, and I figured out why I was having problems moving in the main file. It wasn't overly logical or even plausible for a small town.

Apparently, I'm still thinking "big city" in some ways due to the "Legacies" manuscripts. The second/last book there is completely set in a city, and I'm doing my best to revert to "small town" settings again. It's hard some days, but I'm slowly disciplining myself to get back to remembering what it's like to be in a small town...

So I kept up to a certain point in chapter 1, tossed the rest of it and started again. This time, an idea that would work for a small town, village or larger urban area came to me, and I ran with it. Things are a lot more logical, run more smoothly and it works perfectly! 

Two days of writing, and I'm now into the middle of chapter 2! It seemed that once I set things up more logically, the dam broke and my fingers were flying across the keyboard... The brain was moving too fast sometimes, and I wound up having to stop thinking, backtrack and finish one thought before another one hit me.

This story is starting to fog the mind more and more, now that I have a better way to get things moving between the main characters and know pretty much exactly how their story is going to progress.

I'm pleased. It feels great to be back into "zombified" mode after almost a three month break/drought, and having scenes pop into my head at almost any time of day or night makes me happy. I can't do dishes or anything else around here without something coming to me for this one, and that's the way it should be when one is deep into a story in my opinion. 

It was a 7600 word week. I know, it's not as good as the weeks or even some of the days I had when I was still deep into Book 2/Family Portraits, but it's great for the "just getting into it" stage. 

I'm tickled with my progress. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. If they do, I may finish a third "draft one" manuscript in three years.... I'd like to do that, but I'm not expecting to at this point. It's still too early for me to predict approximately when this one will be finished. I do know if it gets as engrossing as the "Legacies" series did, I'm a goner!

For anyone who hasn't seen a photo of "Monitor Kitteh", aka Amber, enjoy...

My kitty sitting on top of my monitor:

Her tail draping down across the screen:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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