Sunday, February 16, 2014

Glacier Crawl

Things are not the best in the writing world at the moment. We had a snow day on Friday thanks to a storm and due to Son having meltdowns and crying on and off all day, I had a headache and didn't get a darn thing done in Ten at all.

However, this past Wednesday I managed to get a little added to the main file after I finished cleaning it up. It was the bulk of a scene and although it's rough, what's there is solid and plausible for this area. I didn't get a lot of time to edit it though, so I'm hoping to do that later this week. 

I also did some research on various amusement park/fair rides. All I'm saying is that I'm NEVER going to watch a video taken from the inside of the Zipper while it's going again! My reaction wasn't pretty.... 

I've also come up with another idea for a new story. I'm trying to set it aside so I can work on Ten, but it's invading my mind more than Ten is right now. *SIGH* I'd run with it but it's one of the ones with a more complicated story and may turn out as long as No Regrets stands currently if I go with it. I can't learn to write a shorter, simpler story if another one sucks me in, so it's in the "waiting to be written file" at the moment. There is a way to make it less complicated but I'd rather keep it as is because it'll make a much more interesting story if I keep the original idea. I just hope I don't work on that while trying to get moving in Ten, else I'm going to be in deep trouble... *SIGH*

The cleanup of the Legacies series has also been at the back of my mind constantly and it's driving me nuts. I'm not happy with it "as is" and I want to get it done NOW so it's ready in a few years. It's a long, detailed and complicated project so it's going to take me a while to do. I have talked to a couple of my most trusted friends (including Peapod and Sandra) about this, and I've come to a decision. I will work on the first stage of cleaning up No Regrets while I'm working on Ten.

It's something I feel as if I have to do to learn and grow as a writer and to hone both my raw writing talent and the editing skills. I feel as if I don't start it now, it won't get finished, and I hate that feeling. I also feel as if I failed the series by letting them gather dust on the external, and my friends, fans and supporters if I don't get on with it. 

Stage one of it consists of going through the main file, noting what seems passive, repetitive and what is too wordy, etc. Everything will be color coded in highlighter so I know which areas need what kind of work, and things that are okay will be left alone. I'm only partway through part one now and there's a lot of highlights in various colors. Yeah, there's a lot that I wasn't seeing until now. I'm hoping that the constructive criticism I've received about the manuscript is going to help me a lot. If not, I have others on my beta team to point things out that I missed. Now that I have a better idea of what to look for, I'm seeing so much that needs to be done.

To be blunt, No Regrets was a mess and I shouldn't have sent it out when I did. It needed a lot more work before I should have even thought of doing that. 

It was a rough lesson to learn but I got it now and am doing my best to make it right, both in the Legacies series AND future works, including Ten itself. Yeah, I got it Uni.

As for Family Portraits, I already knew that one wasn't ready for publication by a long shot. It's still in its third draft and is even messier than No Regrets, so it's not bothering me as much. That one won't get cleaned up until after its predecessor is finished. 

I'm thinking Stage One of No Regrets' clean up is going to take me at least six months. I'll only be working on it once every week or so, and mostly on the days that were supposed to be writing days that turned into snow days, like this past Friday. If I do things that way, I will feel like I'm actually doing something with the writing even if I'm not able to work on Ten at all.

I hope all that have been affected by this weekend's storms are safe and warm. We're lucky to have power right now. Outside, everything is covered in ice and the wind is picking up. It's very gusty out there and I'm expecting us to lose power even for an hour at this rate. If you have to drive on the roads please - BE CAREFUL. Although the DOT crews are out, the roads are still very slippery and ours is still covered in snow, even though it was just plowed. 

I'll check in when and if I make progress on Ten or even Stage One of the Legacies series revamp/cleanup. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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