Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cleaning House...

Once again, I find myself fighting to get a new WIP to start off interesting and smoothly.

Friday was spent writing up a scene that happens later on in the story, yet another one that is in a separate file and waiting to be spliced in when the time is right. It's choppy and I have a lot of work to do on it, but its foundation is pretty solid and has basically everything I wanted to happen in that particular key scene.

I had tried working on the main file that day, but couldn't get more than a sentence or two added in before the brain refused to cooperate.

Over the weekend, I started trying to figure out why I couldn't move in the main file again and today, it hit me why things were not running very well. I had a lot of passive scenes in the first two chapters and the scene that was "dead in the water" needed a lot of changes as well. 

Hubby ran errands today and between the time he left and the afternoon bus arrived, I dove into it and started cleaning things up. I removed a lot of the junk that was in Chapter One and Two and started editing things so things line up a lot better. It's not done because I'm still trying to figure out how to insert a couple of facts that were in the passive areas back into the story. I haven't found the "right" spots for them yet!

The scene that went "dead in the water" is going to have a few changes and notes are made on *what* to do with it. I want that fully cleaned up before my next writing day, but will have to do it when things are a lot quieter. I wasn't able to finish everything I wanted to do so I'm going to take an hour or so of my writing time to clean the scene up to my first draft standards, etc and then continue on with it. Certain things will not be done in it and where I've already started along that line, that means I have about an hour or so worth of cleanup ahead of me. I think what I may do is just keep the scene up to a certain point, remove what comes after it and start fresh with things. 

I really hate rewrites and taking pages and pages worth of stuff out of the main file or any other bit I've written up. To me, that shows that I'm not always writing good stuff and it frustrates me. Y'all know how I like to get it right the first time and it ticks me off when I do not. However it is a necessary part of writing and even the greats probably didn't get it right in their first drafts either. I have to remember that, else I'm going to wind up getting too ticked off to write. *SIGH*

I've also made a few changes, to help me keep the writing vibe. I have discovered that there are a lot more unrealities out there and am doing my best to avoid anything that will not allow the writing juices to flow freely. Certain friends will get what I'm talking about and fully understand why I'm doing this. I'm not becoming anti-social, I'm doing this to preserve my sanity and to keep me out of the dark place I was a few years back. I learned the lesson on stirring the crap pot long ago and if anyone doesn't get that, they don't deserve to be acknowledged at all in my opinion. Hence the changes and improvements in my online and real lives and that's all I'm going to say about it. Those closest to me know what's been going on, and that's the main thing.

I have at least one writing day this week if the blasted weather cooperates... I am really hoping to see that stupid "wall" in Ten's main file gone and me moving on in it so I can get closer to doing a few scene splices! I'm going nuts with not working on the main file or getting over 5,000 words added each writing day... *babbling incoherently*

I'll update things later this week or early next week if there's progress. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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