Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Learning Experience with More Than a Few "Facepalms"...

Two more writing days have passed and although Ten is coming along slowly, things are starting to progress in that story.

Chapter One has been started and although I had to do a few rewrites in it already, I think how the characters meet is solid and fits the setting, which is my hometown, and a small town. 

Getting past that first meeting wasn't easy and I'm considering redoing how they start meeting up from time to time. What's in the main file now doesn't seem to work right and I'm now thinking of ways to get them to get to know each other via more plausible scenarios instead of what I have now. 

Yesterday was the real test to see how well I can write something I haven't done before. The scene I had starting to gel in the mind was something in the erotica realm, and I thought it would suit the story and the lead characters, so I decided to give it a whirl, in a separate file to splice in later when I reach the right point in the main manuscript file. Five hours and five pages later, I had the scene finished in its ultra, ultra rough draft and it was bus time so I couldn't do a reread and edit. Son was in one of his ultra clingy moods after school and since it's an over 18 scene, I had to set it aside to work on later, when he wasn't around.

After the guys crashed last night, I opened the file and read it. Well, a lot of things were not working for starters. I had it flipping back and forth between the two characters and since I wasn't sure on how to do things on his end without going into the realm of "not fit for human consumption", I scrapped his POV and worked things so it was from hers only.

I was online while doing this and my best friend, Peapod, asked me if she could see it. Normally I don't like showing off the ultra ultra rough stuff to anyone, not even my best friend, at this point in the game but decided to anyway. I knew it wasn't great and was ready to chuck it and start over with something different.

Peapod told me that although it needs work, it's not bad for a first run. She gave me a few awesome suggestions and so far, it's all working for the scene itself. It still needs work on the latter parts of it, but it's more up to my standards now and fits a lot better than it had when I sent it off to her. I admit although I've written a few graphic regular love scenes in the past, I'm still uncomfortable writing them sometimes, moreso if it's something new that I've never tried to write before. With this scene, I'm in a realm I've never been in before, and although it's fun to try to amp things up and try something new, it's still kind of intimidating. I'm just glad I'm willing to try new things and learn with my work, and that I have someone like Peapod to give me a slap upside of the head with a reminder I *can* do this, when I need it the most! I'm also glad I have someone like her to help me with my weaker points. I still have problems with dialogue sometimes, and well, she knows my style and her suggestions always seem to fit perfectly, which is great.

Boy, this one is really turning out to be one heck of a learning experience alright, and I'm not even into Chapter Two yet... I keep wondering if the rest of this story is going to go like this or not, with the write something up, be ready to toss it and then get a slap upside of the head and a strict order *not* to do that. I know revisions and rewrites are part of the writing process, but I'm one who likes to get things perfect the *first* time, and I know, I should be less hard on myself. Maybe if I was, I'd learn a lot faster and be able to grow in my writing a lot easier. I'm too darn set in the "get it perfect in rough draft" ways and it's hard to let go of that thinking pattern. 

I'm trying, and that's the main thing I guess.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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