Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nasty Weather and a Very Naughty V.J. ....

We had one heck of a rain storm here yesterday. Winds hit over 100 kph (62 mph for those of you who don't speak Canadian) and lots of rain. I really thought the power was going out at some point, same with the satellite TV, but somehow we got lucky and the only thing that wasn't working right was our cordless phone. The battery in that died while I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone, and I called her back on the regular desktop phone so we could continue our conversation, which was very enjoyable for me. She lives a couple of thousands of miles away from me, in a time zone four hours behind mine, and it's so good to hear her voice and talk outside of Facebook and our other common sites once in a while, even if it's not cheap to do it that way. 

It's not raining now, but the wind is still pretty strong. I can see the trees in our neighbor's yard waving like crazy and can feel the house shake from the occasional huge gust. It feels almost like a hurricane, but this storm wasn't organized like a tropical cyclone would be, it was just a regular storm with a lot of wind and rain. I'm just glad it wasn't snow, because we'd be buried if it had been! 

Why was I naughty? 

Well....I did something the other day I said I wouldn't be doing for a bit yet... I kind of opened Book 2 and started revisions on it.

I know, I said I was going to leave it until the new year, but the latter parts of it and all of the editing, compressions, and everything else I knew needed to be done to that particular manuscript was nagging me constantly, at the back of my mind, and I just started to feel like I couldn't move on with a new story and a new idea until things in the most recent manuscript were cleaned up. 

The first few chapters were not so bad. I had edited the first four to death and except for missing commas and needing a few words changed around here and there, I managed to get through that part pretty quickly. Chapter Five needed some compressions, but after thinking it over for a few minutes, I knew what to do and those were dispatched within moments. After that it's pretty much general things again, like the missing commas, and changing a couple of things here and there, and stuff I can easily do when my son and husband are around.

What was really bothering me more than anything was the clean up of the last ten or so chapters and the epilogues. I didn't just write them, I zoomed through them faster than the speed of light it seems, and there is a lot there that needs to be cleaned up, rewritten/revised, 86'ed, added to, and compressed. I didn't edit that area as much as I had the first 2/3 of the story and the perfectionist for my own work in me was really rearing its head the last week, notably on Monday. I finally gave into the urge to open it and start the long process of getting it up to "my" draft two standards on Tuesday and although it's a slow process, it's going okay so far. I'm in Chapter 34 of this particular edit at the moment, and I'll be working on it today, into the weekend and next week. I'm really going over it with a fine toothed comb to be sure everything is kosher and closer to a "final draft", so I have less to do in later drafts.

It's hard to believe I finished its first draft barely four weeks ago, it feels like it's been a lot longer than that. I don't know why, but I'm guessing it's because I have had a new idea pop into my head (Thanks to two good friends who are also fellow authors!) and I've been able to "lay the characters" to rest a little easier this time around, probably because I don't have the idea of a sequel nagging at the back of my head! 

I hope Sandra will be ready to read this one in the new year, because when I deem it's ready for someone else's eyes, she'll be getting a copy for her enjoyment... She read "No Regrets" and liked it, so I hope this one is just as enjoyable for her, and she likes the wild ride the reader will go on with the characters. 

Anyway, I hope all of my fellow Nova Scotians are fine after that nasty weather last night and this morning, and that all of my American family and friends have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be back with another update as things progress, notably when Untitled 9 becomes clearer to me and I'm able to work on it more... Which I hope will be very soon!

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