Monday, November 18, 2013

Here We Go Again....

It's official:

I now have a folder set up and the idea I got thanks to my mentor and another writing friend/fellow author has been dubbed "Untitled 9". I set up the folder this evening and now have everything I have so far added to it.

I have a feeling of deja vu, probably because a similar thing happened to me last year about this time... Anyone who has been following my blog over the last eighteen months or so will note that although I finished "No Regrets" draft one on October 19, 2012, I had the idea for Book 2 less than a month later. Yeah, it feels exactly like things did last year when I first started jotting down ideas for what was dubbed "Untitled 8" back then and what turned into Book 2 over time.

However, unlike last year, I'm starting from scratch this time, so in that way, it feels like I did when I first started developing ideas for the characters in "No Regrets" and where things took place, etc. This one is still in its embryonic stages and although I have a few ideas for various things and part of a scene somewhat "gelled" in the brain, I have a lot of things to figure out, like how to start off Chapter One for starters. Things may be slower with getting this idea off the ground for that very reason, but I'm sure with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears amongst a lot of researching, days of wanting to bash my head against the wall, turning the air blue in here thanks to a lot of "choice words" and so many other things that make up being an author, I will get things moving in this one at some point, especially once Book 2 fades from the mind a lot more and the writing batteries come back up from being so drained.

It feels odd working on something fresh, brand new and unknown, but I hope that feeling goes away very soon and I'm able to get into it like I did with my first two books. Switching gears to a new story with an entire new cast of characters may seem daunting at first, and it is hard to do it sometimes, but I am determined to get moving forward with my writing again, even if it takes me into the new year to get things going with this new idea or another one. It took me three entire months to get into the groove of Book 2, and I'm not expecting much to happen other than the occasional idea popping into my brain before that time period is up this time around. 

I've started the Ideas for Scenes file for this one and will be starting a rough timeline tomorrow. I already know what will happen overall in the story, but am not sure on a few things... Like how the main characters wind up in their situations at the start of the book for example, and who the antagonists are/will be, and so on. Things will come to me over time, as the story is slowly revealed to me in my mind. More questions are in my head right now... Like how much time passes between the first word of the first page to the final word on the last page of it? How long is it before the leading couple get involved?... And so many others are starting to bounce around in there.

The questions are good things. They keep me thinking and wondering how a new story will unfold, and also keep me focused on finally seeing its full picture in time. Right now, it's sort of like looking up at the night sky, and only seeing one or two stars peeking through a cloud cover.... Slowly over a few hours, the rest of the constellation and later on, the rest of the stars are revealed to you. That is the best way I can describe something like starting a brand new story from scratch for anyone who hasn't tried it, or wants to try writing something, even a short story. 

I just hope the questions do not stop for this one, and I get sucked into it like I did with the previous two. With a little luck, I will be back at it sometime soon, and back to driving my poor husband, son and mentor nuts with seeing me being spaced out all of the time because my mind is so focused on the new project.

Have a great night everyone. 

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