Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing Along Like A Squirrel on Speed...

The week isn't done yet and things are really moving fast in my writing world...

Monday and Tuesday were writing days. My husband had to work both day shifts, and since last Friday was an inservice for students in our district - which meant no writing for me - I wanted to get back into working on Book 2 of my duology.

After a quick reread/edit to refresh the memory on Monday, I dove into it and before I knew it, it was time to go to the bus stop. When I did a word count on that day's work, it was almost five thousand words! Yes, things were flowing freely that day, and I think my creative energy was the highest it's been since I was working on No Regrets/Book 1 last year this time.

Tuesday was just like Monday, but even more creative. I got over 5,000 words added that day! 

However, after having two days in a row that were ultra productive, it was taking me a long time to get out of the writing fog on Tuesday and I couldn't concentrate well enough to do a full edit on both days' work. I wasn't in any shape to be online or around others either, so I wound up having to go offline early that day and just relax.

It was still there yesterday and I was offline before 1 p.m. my time. I caught up on some sleep, and despite feeling a little better, that writing fog was still there. I took the day off from even looking at any parts of Book 2 or any manuscripts at all. It was either do that or burn out again, and I really paid up for those two days by being a space cadet yesterday.

Today, I finally got around to doing the full reread/detailed edit on what I wrote up so far this week, and so far so good. It's solid, and Draft One Worthy as it stands now. Things may be changed here and there in Draft 2 and subsequent drafts but it's working for now. 

Since I'm also getting closer and closer to splicing in that UH OH idea my beloved mentor gave me, I decided a reread/major tweaking in that was needed. I now know how to lead into it, so that's been tossed in. Some things that have already been confirmed or said earlier on in the main file were deleted/condensed, some stuff was added and others changed to line up with everything else. So far, what's written up for that part so far is looking good and hopefully I won't have to do much more to it before and after it's spliced in. It's not completed yet, although I do know how things work out, but that's okay, it'll give me something to do once it's spliced in. I also have to do the aftermath and the grand finale, and then get things so tightly tied up in the epilogue that I can NOT write any more books in this series. 

As much as I love the characters and really don't want to say good bye to any of them, I don't want to write only stuff about that particular family and would like to have other books on my resume other than ones about that particular group. I want to do at least one book that has NOTHING to do with these two, if not more than that. I don't have any new ideas at the moment, but then again, I am very focused on getting Book 2 finished and getting No Regrets/Book 1 ready for publishers right now. New ideas will come in time, or maybe I'll get lucky and be able to get moving in RH's overhaul/rewrite again. That story is very complicated, almost as bad as Book 2 by times, and I wouldn't mind getting it finished and out there sometime, even if I wind up going the vanity press route with it in the future. It's quite a bit rougher in nature than my duology, and Book 2 is pretty rough on its own. The subject matter of RH can be considered controversial, and may be upsetting to some viewers, but in other ways, it's not as bad as other books out there when it comes to being "rough" or "too hard hitting" so to speak. 

Ugh, I'll just have to see how things go when Book 2 is done. I have a few things planned in the creative realm so I don't go so nuts this time like I did when I wrapped up Draft 1 of "No Regrets"/Book 1 last year... I was driving myself crazy, and I pitied anyone who saw me losing it full force - notably my mentor, some of the gang in Sanctuary, and a few other ultra close friends. "Hummingbird on speed" isn't even close to describing how I was feeling after Book 1's first draft was done and during its initial perk cycle! I am NOT going to be making another ten dreamcatchers... I refuse to go that route again, my poor hands cannot take it! I wouldn't mind doing some photography while I'm recharging the writing batteries, like maybe designing a cover photo for Book 4 of the Keyholder's Castle series for when Sandra has that ready for publication... HINT HINT! (She knows she has my services free of charge at any time, and knows how much I love photography and designing things like that!) Heck I may even look at doing original photos for my own work, whether I get on with a publishing house or not. I have an idea for Book 1's cover now, and would like to use it somehow... Heh.

Anyway, tomorrow is another writing day for me, and if I can get another 2,000 words added, I'll be a happy girl. Tired too, but that's okay. I am an author, or at least an aspiring one!, and if doing what I love makes me tired, who cares! I'm doing what I love, that's the main thing! 

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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