Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reflections, an Anniversary and Disbelief....

On the one year anniversary of me finishing the first draft of my first book, "No Regrets", I look back on the past twelve months and still cannot believe that I have finished that part of my writing journey. My first book's first draft was finished, it's gone through several draft modes, my beloved mentor (Sandra Durham, author of the "Keyholder's Castle series) has read it (and will be reading the final draft of it), I've shared parts of the story with a small select group of trusted friends and fellow writers, and I've even started to work on getting it ready for publishers - packages with everything each publisher requires from an unknown author like myself.

Good grief, I was so out of it for a while after I finished draft one of "No Regrets" that I was driving myself (along with my husband) so insane that I was literally climbing the walls at one point, I made countless dreamcatchers and just behaved in a way that is NOT me whatsoever. I felt really bad for the guys, and my beloved mentor, who saw the worst of it, either directly at home, or indirectly via Sanctuary. What was going on is that I had NO idea what to do... I didn't have any new ideas at that point in time, I could still see the characters in my head, and I was so used to working on it that suddenly having to set it aside to let it perk for a while so it would fade from my mind was such a shock that I did lose it for a bit. The RH rewrite/overhaul wasn't working, and I really didn't feel like working on it at all and really couldn't get into the groove of it at all, even with the new ideas flowing for it. I just could not move on and I was at odds what to do writing wise. I didn't want to be known as a "one book wonder" like some in my genre wind up being. I wanted to write more than one book in my lifetime. 

After my brain settled down, and I started talking with various friends, my beloved mentor said I had two characters I "could" write about from "No Regrets" and of course I said "I'm not a series writer, I could never do that".

Guess who wound up eating her words... *sheepish grin*

November 6, 2012... The idea for a sequel to "No Regrets" came to me, and I started a file for it, as "Untitled #8". It wasn't fully gelling, but it was a start. I fiddled around with it, tried a few things and wound up doing more rewrites on the first two chapters than I had for the entirety of "No Regrets".

As all of you who read my blog, the status updates on my Twitter, the FB pages, my writing thread in Sanctuary and my personal FB profile know what a road it's been for me so far with both books.

Needless to say, on this first year anniversary of finishing draft one of "No Regrets", I see myself on the cusp of finishing my second double length book, and finishing the duology, and I'm in shock. I never thought I'd be at this point with Book 2 this soon, let alone ever, and here I am, almost finished the first draft of it.

You see, yesterday, I got the UH OH part finished. Seriously. I wasn't sure how to proceed with what I had after I spliced it in, but after I bounced a few ideas around, I went with one and the next thing I knew, I was near the end of Chapter 44. Things were still with me after Son came home, so I quickly wrapped up that chapter and stopped at the start of Chapter 45.

All that's left to write in Book 2 is the aftermath, the grand finale and the epilogues. Seriously, that is it, everyone. I've been writing like a squirrel on speed since school started almost two months ago (I did the same thing with No Regrets last year!) and it's paid off, despite feeling scatterbrained, eating, breathing, sleeping this book and not being able to think about much else. Unless you've been consumed by a project of any kind (writing music, artwork, writing, etc), you may not get it. It's so hard to describe how easily something like this can almost take over your entire life unless you've gone through it at one point yourself. 

You do have to take breaks from it once in a while, or lose yourself in your world... Thanks to my husband, son and mentor, I am reminded to take a day off from things once in a while to relax, enjoy my friends and family and of course, bring myself back to the real world once in a while. Today was a prime example of it. There was a fall bazaar at my son's school and my son wanted to go to it. Normally I wouldn't have gone, but where his father was working and I had strict orders to take a break "or else", I went, and had a lot of fun, even though I spent just about all of our cash on Son. I saw a few of his teachers, saw some of my old classmates and I think I even saw one or two of my old teacher from my junior high days in passing. It was fun, and I'm now glad we went. I had to drive Hubby to work and we have to go get him so we had the car, but it's worth it. I have strict orders to relax tomorrow, and watch the Doctor Who marathon on Space, even if I'm online... 

I still can't believe I have written one double length book and am on the verge of finishing my second one already. It's like I've walked around the world twice and have no recollection of how I did it sometimes. It's so hard to describe the feeling one has when they're at this point like I am. I mean, I look back and think, "Wow, did I really do that?"

Then I think... "Yes, I did!"

For anyone who hasn't seen this yet, my blog from October 20, 2012, "A Bittersweet Victory", which screams to the world that I finished "No Regrets", draft one.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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