Sunday, October 13, 2013

Closing In, Part One...

Another writing day has passed and this little aspiring author went berserk in her word processor...

I was having problems getting part of the "aftermath" of the big discovery written up. I wasn't sure how to lead off into it, and I wasn't sure exactly how to have two very special characters react to the news that had been years in the making. So, I thought about it for a while and just "winged" it, like I do sometimes when I'm writing, and before I knew it, I had it written and was on the next scene. 

Chapter 36 was wrapped up, Chapter 37 started, and the story is now in the "calm before the super-storm" area, and the build up to the big "UH OH" part is rolling along in the sidelines. The reader will know something is going to happen, but not what, and it won't be a huge surprise for them when they finally get to that part.

I did see I have to add something in, something that is more in line with a character's personality than what it is. I'll be adding that in during my editing time later this week, and tweaking the "UH OH" part (what's written in it so far) so it's just about ready to be spliced in. I've been working on getting that ready but between everything happening here, and with our crazy schedules, it's been tough finding time to get things done without using some of my actual writing time... Since I want to keep as much of that as possible, I've been trying to work on things while Son is quiet and Hubby is at work. Sometimes it works, other times, forget it. *SIGH* I have noticed a few spots in both the main manuscript file and the "super-storm" file that need to be tweaked, 86'ed or changed/rewritten, and will be doing that as things progress, or in Draft Two of this one. All areas are highlighted and noted in the scenes/notes files as a reminder.

I've also been cleaning up the grammar, etc in Book 1/"No Regrets" again, and lining things up more with Book 2's plot, facts, etc so it's not much of a shock to the reader about different things in relation to either story and some facts about all of the characters, how they know each other and so on. I've had to add a few things here and there into "No Regrets" but that's nothing compared to having to do the entire thing over, and I'm glad I'm catching things now before I send it out to publishers. I'm also glad I'm NOT on a deadline right now! I did see just this morning that I "should" add a teeny bit of info in the epilogue to line things up even more with Book 2, and I will probably do that tomorrow, when I do not have Doctor Who on the TV to distract me!

Friday was another 4500 word day, and the gap between where I am in the main file and the big splice is closing in fast. 

I will have two and a half writing days this coming week, and I'm hoping to get closer to doing that huge splice. At this moment, that part is about 39 pages long, but I have a few additions to make, to make things line up better with the main storyline and some other things that came up in the last couple of weeks when I was writing by the seat of my jeans!

For those in Canada, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those in the United States, have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend. 

I'll be back with another update when things progress more in the writing. 

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