Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another Bittersweet Victory...

It's official:

At 1:50 p.m. ADT, I typed in "THE END" at the end of Book 2's first draft.

It hasn't sunk in yet that I have typed those two words into two manuscripts in just over a year. One year and eleven days between the two, to be exact. 

I finished it before the first year anniversary of me getting the idea for it... That was on November 6, 2012.

Right now, I'm stunned that it's done. I look at Draft 2's folder on the desktop instead of Draft 1's and it looks rather weird. Then I think back to last year this time and realize I felt the exact same way when "No Regrets" went from Draft 1 to Draft 2. (That manuscript has gone through SEVERAL draft modes in the year since then!) Opening the folder makes it feel even weirder. Instead of a zillion files in it, from ideas to my research on various topics, etc, all I see is one VERY large file, over 2MB, which is Draft 2 of it.

So this week was great writing wise. I've had three days so far, and I made the most of them. In my previous blog entry from Saturday, I noted I was at the start of Chapter 46. Well, not only did I finish that chapter on Monday, I zoomed into Chapter 47, wrapped a lot of things up very tightly and the grand finale happens at the end of Chapter 47. I also started Epilogue One (which may turn into Chapter 48 if a publisher or I think it's necessary to change it) yesterday and plugged along at that until bus time. More things are wrapped up there, and they've been tied so tightly that not even *I* can untie them!

Monday was a 6700 word day and yesterday was a 6500 word day.

Today saw me wrap up Epilogue One and do the entirety of Epilogue Two. I'm not going to say HOW the story ends, but I will say it's full of sweet, fun, happy and some sad moments tossed altogether and it ends on a very happy note. The reader will be left with a feeling of "happily ever after" in this one and no more questions will be left unanswered. I made sure I did that so I can NOT write any more stories about this dynamic, fun and wonderful group of characters!

Today was another 6500 word day and after the last three days of going full tilt on the writing, I am mentally wiped out. I went from zero to Warp Ten since school started a few weeks ago and I am shocked at my progress. It's an echo of how things went last year with "No Regrets" and I'm still wondering if it's true, that I DID finish two books just over a year apart...

Then I look at "No Regrets" and it hits me that YES, I did do it, once.

It hasn't sunk in about Book 2 yet, but it's coming. I'm expecting it to hit me on Friday, which would have been my normal writing day if Book 2 wasn't finished yet, and I don't have anything new to add to it. That's when the squirrel on speed feeling will really hit me, and I will lose it a little... 

Book 2 is now in Draft 2 mode and I will do another reread/edit on the last few chapters and the epilogues before it goes into its first perk cycle. 

Readers, this is WHY I haven't sent "No Regrets" out yet. Remember how loopy I was feeling after that one was finished? Oh, I was so bad! Well, I do not want to feel like that again this time around so I deliberately put off sending it out until Book 2 was finished and I had crashed back into reality. "No Regrets" is going to be my saving grace this time around, and it's going to be a lot easier on the hands to get it ready for publishers instead of making a few million dreamcatchers! My hands are killing me now, thanks to the carpal tunnel syndrome, but that's normal after a few days of writing like mad.

I'll live. I hope!

I still can't believe it. Wow.

Thank you to my mentor, Sandra (Durham), my Peapod, my husband, son, mother, and everyone else who has supported me, read the excerpts I've shared, laughed with me when I was loopy from writing all day and in transition mode, and gave me a slap upside of the head of YES, I CAN WRITE when I needed it the most. Y'all rock and so much love to all of you!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween and to all who celebrate it, a blessed Samhain!

"Book 2: STATS" October 30, 2013, First draft:

Date conceived: November 6, 2012
Finished: October 30, 2013
Amount of chapters: 47, plus one prologue and 2 epilogues
Word count: 255,300
Pages: 410 (one inch margins, size 12 Times New Roman, single spaced)
Time writing it (Part time): Approximately six months, from February 2013 to October 2013, with a two month break for summer vacation.

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