Monday, September 2, 2013

The Official Launch Of...........

This is it! 

Today is the official launch of my new author's website! I'm very excited and pleased to see it go "live" to everyone around the world!

I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, as a way to get the name out there and to showcase some of my photography from various venues that actually appear in Book 1, aka "No Regrets". So far, the site is very plain, but it includes the same banner I use on my Facebook public profile, a slideshow featuring shots of various places like Mahone Bay and Lunenburg, a brief biography and a little surprise for anyone who visits it!

The special people who got a prescreening seemed to love it and after they gave me some creative criticism, I tweaked things until they were perfect. The site looks great and I'm so happy to have my own website now, as a way to get the name out there even more and to promote my books! 

I humbly to invite all of you to visit...

V.J. Allison's Official Website

The link is permanently included in my Links area.

Thank you to all of my fans, friends, family and loved ones who supported me in the first stages of my journey to become published! I'm not quite there yet but hopefully I'll soon be able to announce I will be published one way or another, whether it's via a publishing house or self publishing of some sort! Much love to all of you who have been there for me during every single step of my journey!

On another note, my wonderful husband and I officially became a couple 22 years ago today... So it's a double celebration for me!

Happy Labor Day and have a wonderful week everyone! 

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