Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moving at the Speed of Light - Again!

Yesterday was another writing day for me and I dove into it full force. 

Hubby only worked from 9 to 3 yesterday but sometimes I find those shorter writing days are the most productive and I wind up getting some great ideas during the shorter writing time. 

I knew how I was going to wrap up Chapter 30, it's another spot where more clues about the mystery in this story were answered, but a few more unanswered questions popped up at the same time. I know what the big "SAY WHAT?" will be at the end of the main part of the story is, but I wasn't sure exactly how to build up to it a little more or add to it to make the reader "get" it and the reasons why things went the way they did. 

Well, while I was working yesterday, an idea for another twist came to me and on a whim, I started working with it. It's one I was NOT expecting but it's logical. It's something I should have thought of before but didn't and I'm glad it came to me now in Draft 1 so I could add it in without having to tweak the rest of the draft! *laughs* 

The next thing I knew, the alarm for afternoon bus time was going off and I had seven pages of new stuff added to Book 2. There's a lot of dialogue in it though so it's only about 3650 words at this time. Chapter 30 was finished. The scene at the end of it is a lot longer than I had originally planned, so I may change where the chapter breaks are and put that scene in at the start of Chapter 31. The subject matter between that and the (currently) last scene of Chapter 30 are related so it would work perfectly fine. The leading lady gets a bit of a shock but in a way, it's a good thing and she'll bounce back with flying colors after things sink in. That's all I'm saying. *wink!*

The foundation is solid even if it needs polishing and maybe a few additions here and there. It's going to work, and hopefully the reader will be as perplexed and as curious to find out what was going on with certain things as the characters are!

"No Regrets" is currently in another perk cycle and I made a LOT of corrections to it. It had so many missing words or missing commas in spots, and I've tweaked it a little more to line up with Book 2 better. Again, not that much, but just enough so that readers can see the links/connections between the two stories. Maybe it's a good thing that I haven't sent "No Regrets" out yet, so I could have everything lined up perfectly. Now if I could just get the synopsis for it done perfectly... 

I have another writing day coming later this week, and I plan on adding a bit to the new twist, but not too much. I have to get more added to the build up to the gem that Sandra (Durham, author of the Keyholder's Castle series) shot at me a few months back too. As it is, this new manuscript/book is on track to beat "No Regrets" in word count... I may wind up doing a little "culling/86ing" here and there, and well, I do admit I haven't taken that stuff out of Chapter 5 yet that I think gives too much away and drags the story down a bit. I've been too darn focused on getting "No Regrets" ready for publishers and working on getting the gap between where I am in Book 2's first draft and the gem idea closed, and real life (yes, I'm still trying to learn Windows 8 - it's a complicated operating system compared to Vista sometimes!) I will say that I do like how you can hover the mouse pointer over something on the task bar and it shows you ALL open windows for the program/application... Hehehehehe.... That's a nifty and useful thing! 

I'll post another update as things happen here. Have a great week, everyone! 

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