Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to It for the 2013 - 2014 School Year...

School started on September 5th in my district, and Son was happy to go back. He not only missed his teachers and the routine of the school days, he really missed his friends, a lot. However, some of his best friends are not in his class this year and he's rather ticked off about it, as are the ones who didn't get into his class with him this year. Me, being such a positive person (I'm the eternal optimist!) tossed out several reminders that he can easily see and play with his friends during recess and before lunch playtime. Son, being another optimist like myself, thought about it for a few minutes and agreed with me. Things have since calmed down about that particular problem at the start of this new year.

So... I did get a little added to Book 2 so far this new school year. I've had only 2 days so far, but I have managed to get some going even with all of the fits and starts with my concentration being off and me trying to get Book 1/No Regrets ready for publishers. I'm partway through Chapter 30 at this point, and will be diving back into trying to wrap that part up later this week. 

Friday was supposed to be a writing day but Son was home sick with a cold. It seems that the instant schools open, germs multiply and spread like wildfire and of course, Son catches everything going... And he's not shy about passing it all along to Hubby and myself. Right now, I'm fighting a major head cold - cough, sinus pressure, runny nose, sneezing, the works - and am wishing he'd bring home stuff I've already had so I don't have to put up with being sick each time he gets something nasty. 

Needless to say, the writing and editing I was planning for Friday and the rest of the weekend wasn't able to be done. Son being home meant I couldn't write and where I was sick, my concentration has been nil. I'm hoping to get more work done on both over this week, if I can shake this blasted cold and feel human again!

Yesterday I felt so rotten that I got offline around 1 p.m. and sat in the chair and watched the Doctor Who marathon on our sci-fi channel. I admit, I do like Nine and Eleven, but Ten was my favorite and they're showing the episodes from his run on Sundays right now. Despite feeling so awful, I enjoyed it and the much needed time away from the computer. Son liked it too, because he was able to play computer games AND watch the show. He's another Whovian like my husband and I are nowadays, and thinks the TARDIS is the coolest thing ever. 

I have a great kid, what can I say? 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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