Sunday, September 8, 2013

Awesome Local Music at Local Only!

Last night, some local bands showed off their amazing talent, and I was lucky enough to be in the audience.

I didn't see the first band, Flesh Cauldron, play, but according to the guys in Whom Gods Destroy, Flesh Cauldron was awesome and they got the evening off to a great start.

I did see They and Dirt Stache perform. Both bands did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed their performances! I had seen Dirt Stache before, at Benstock a few weeks ago and they still kick it with their bass and drums only performance. I had not seen They before, but that band really rocks! Great job, guys!

The band I had gone to see finally got their turn at 9:15 p.m.... Whom Gods Destroy, which has both of my husband's brothers in it, with their friend Tim on guitars. Of course, y'all know how much I love their music and how much I love to watch them in action.

I did film their performance... Until the batteries on my camera croaked halfway through "The Woes of Atlas"... Then Tim's girlfriend filmed the rest of it. Due to having only limited MB per month, I have not uploaded the longer of the two videos, it's over 40 minutes long and almost 2 GB in size... However, I do have a shorter video uploaded on my YouTube channel and here it is... WARNING: FOUL LANGUAGE ALERT... If you don't like foul language, don't watch this!

LINK: Whom Gods Destroy at Local Only!

I apologize for the sound quality. The mike on my camera is ultra sensitive and it all sounds the same, but it's "Devil on Your Shoulder" and the first part of "Warman".

I sang along with all of their songs... They were on for over an hour and really rocked the place! 

Afterwards, I went to Adam's place to meet his new furry companion, a huge cat by the name of Jerry, and to see if we could upload the videos at his place so I wouldn't burn a zillion MB. Unfortunately, his computer hated my camera so I had to upload the one video from home. That's okay, I'll just take it easy with MB usage for a while! LOL

I also have to take it easy walking around... I wore 2 inch spike heeled boots last night and I am paying for it today... I generally only wear sneakers, flat boots and shoes and am now cursing myself for picking style over being smart. Next time I'm wearing my sneakers even if I wear my leather trench coat again...

I'd like to thank They, Dirt Stache, Whom Gods Destroy and Flesh Cauldron for a wonderful night filled with amazing talented musicians. Y'all rock!

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