Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another Rollercoaster Ride....

Another writing frenzy has passed and things are now progressing very smoothly, and quickly, in Book 2 of my duology.

Friday was another one of the shorter writing days for me, and of course, I dove into it pretty much before Hubby was out of the driveway on his way to work. I knew which way I was going with it, the revelation that comes out in Chapter 30, and the overall reaction to it. 

I knew how one character was going to react so I wrote that up first. However, I wasn't sure if showing another character's reaction would be okay or not. I was scared of slowing down the story, but after thinking about it, I decided to toss it in and include something else, something that fits in perfectly with the discovery and everything else that has been happening up to this point.

It took a lot out of me, because of the intensity and emotional nature of the chapter, but I got it finished by the time I had to go get Son from the bus stop and it looked good. I did the initial reread/edit, made sure everything was in line with everything else, and gave it a few more "once overs" while I chatted with my mentor in her forum. 

I sent the entire chapter to her, and she read it while she tried not to cry. Yes, it's that much of a roller coaster ride and a twist some people may not expect, but in some ways it's a good one. It's also a twist that lines up with the big "SAY WHAT?" that will be revealed at the end of the "UH OH" gem that she shot at me back in March. I'm probably going to have a few people ticked off at me for it, but others probably won't mind it when they see how things came about, etc. 

As it stands now, Chapter 31 won't need much tweaking, even in later drafts. Yes, it's that powerful, and I guess that well done. I'm shocked it reached my insanely high standards for even a first draft, let alone later drafts! It isn't often that it happens like that, but I guess I can do it once in a while, especially stuff that this powerful/emotional, etc. I'm happy with it.

Now, if I can only bring the rest of the draft up that high before it goes out to publishers in time... *laughs*

Have a great weekend everyone! If you're a Whovian in Canada, like I am, there's a Doctor Who marathon on our sci-fi channel. I will be enjoying that while I'm doing housework, and of course, editing!

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