Monday, August 19, 2013

Launch Day!

Today has been a great day...

It was the official launch day of my Author's page and updated author's profile, along with updating the look of my blog. Everything went smoothly and it looks great!

My author's page now has a banner with a photo (taken by me) of the shoreline in my area, and my theme, "Love is the music of the heart..." on it. It looks wonderful and I'm tickled about the new look!

The updated profile (owner of the page) has a banner using the same picture, but with a little surprise on it... A quote from Book 1!

As all of you can see, the blog is updated with a new scheme too... The photo I have as a background is the sky portion of the photo I used for the banners.

Everything looks great. I'm happy how it all falls into line and everything has the same theme... Sky and sea represent endless possibilities and that's what I'm hoping to show with the new look everywhere.

I also got a little writing done today... Hubby took Son shopping with him so I had some quiet time (first in a couple of weeks!) and I dove back into it. I did take out a scene in Chapter 29 that was dragging the story down and got back to the build up of the gem that Sandra shot at me back in March. I haven't done the initial edit yet (things have been crazy in Facebook, I'm getting notifications galore in both profiles!) but hope to get to it when things settle down here. What I wrote today reveals a little more to the mystery that the leading lady is trying to unravel... That's all I'm saying! I'm doing my best to only give away bits and pieces very slowly, but not too slowly! I don't want to bore the reader after all, but at the same time, I don't want to give it all away at once. The big "WOW!" will come during the gem idea and that won't be happening for a few more chapters at least!

It's been an awesome day and I'm flying high....

I'd like to thank everyone who has messaged me, commented on my posts, liked my posts and photos, etc and gave me love and support during the official launch of my Facebook author's page and profile today... I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and fans! Love you all!

(And thank you everyone who sent me birthday wishes! Y'all rock!)

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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