Monday, June 17, 2013

Zooming Along, In More Ways Than One!

A couple of more writing days are done and I'm really moving along in FP/Book 2.

Right now, I'm in the middle of Chapter 24. There's been some silly stuff, and I'm now really starting to lead into the gem of an idea that my beloved mentor Sandra fired at me three months ago. The first big "uh, oh!" scene was added in last week and now I am starting to get things moving very quickly in regards to the build up to it. It's been rough going by times but it's slowly coming along. I've also tossed in a few shots of humor to balance out what's ahead for the characters, and some sweeter scenes.

On another note, today is a milestone of a type... I'd like to share something with you, from my writing thread in Sanctuary...

Three years ago today, I had an idea... One that would change my life forever.

June 17, 2010 was the very day that I came up with the initial idea for something. At the time, it was going to be just a regular romance novel, but due to life, it was put on the back burner for a while and I thought it was going to wind up in the "Dead Manuscripts" file on the computer... Well, after a year and a half, I got the story back and things took a turn for the better...

That little idea was Untitled #7, which eventually became "NR" and is now Book 1 of my duology!!! Shocked It's so hard to believe that it's been THREE WHOLE YEARS since I got the initial idea for the story and in that time it morphed from "just another romance" story into so much more and a LOT better than I ever expected or dreamed!

Since I got back into it, it's been tweaked/edited, had a zillion rewrites done on it, added to, had stuff 86'ed, and so much more. Its first draft was finished a bare 8 months ago, it's gone into THREE other draft modes since October of 2012 and has been read by at least one other person, our beloved Site Goddess herself!!!... It's been deemed "READY" to send out to publishers and has a sequel in the works.

I look back at the original idea for it and still can't believe how one little idea grew into something more than I have ever dreamed! When I first started writing this one, I NEVER thought I would actually finish it and here I am, three years later! NR/Book 1 is THE ONE that will see me published sometime, whether it's via a publishing house or self publishing... I promise all of you that, it will be out to the masses at some point!

Wow. Smiley

(I know, other authors have probably felt this way but it's my first full length novel, so I'm a little dazed by it all! LOL)  
Yeah, three years ago today, I had the initial idea for what turned into my first full length/double length novel... Hard to believe it's been that long already, and how most of it was written within a year! *BLINK!*

Needless to say, it's been quite a journey for those characters and the new ones in its sequel, aka Book 2/FP. The roller coaster ride isn't over yet, for myself and the characters, but I'm slowly working toward it!

I have two writing days left in the school year before I go into Summer Writing Time. Hopefully I can get things moving even more before I take a break and read something written by someone else for a change. I haven't really read anything since I reread Sandra's "Homecoming" and read a book called "Thy Brother's Wife" in the last year. I have a lot of new to me books here in the house and it's time I caught up on the reading while I'm in Sanctuary and Son is home...

Have a great week, everyone! I'll update again when more happens here.

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