Friday, June 21, 2013

The Solstice and More

Another school year is just about over with... Only one full day left before the final report cards are sent out and the students are on their summer break.

I'd like to wish everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a happy summer solstice and Litha, which is the celebration that marks the start of summer in some circles. Namaste and bright blessings to all who celebrate it!

To all who are affected by the flooding out in Alberta and other spots... Stay safe! My thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

Well, this week was productive despite fits and starts and me forgetting to research something before I wrote about it. Oh well, it was a short scene and after I came back online today, I found the information I forgot to get and tweaked everything to fit and double checked it all to make sure it was right! Thank the stars it was only a VERY short scene that needed to be corrected and the way it was written, it only took me a few minutes to get it all just so.

I am now up to the end of Chapter 25 in the main manuscript file. Of course, things are still in "ultra rough" draft and although it needs a LOT of work, I have an extremely solid foundation to build details upon. I plan on working on those parts in Draft 2 or if I can do it in between mother, wife and housework duties, when I get a chance. Yes, I will be catching up on some reading this summer but I hope to get more added to Book 2's first draft even if it is only a paragraph here and there, or a small scene once in a while during the daytime. 

I'm now officially on "Summer Writing Time" again and although I'm too tired mentally to think about it at the moment, I'll probably start going bonkers and losing it with gnawing on the monitor or banging my head against the wall when I don't get a single bit of writing time next week... Except for any late nights that is. I plan on at least one between now and the first of July, if not two or three. It's going to be a rough two months ahead, but with a little luck, things will go the way NR/Book 1 did last year this time and I'll be able to dive right back into the writing after school goes back into session.

It's hard to believe that this past school year so many things have happened in the writing world at Samgaran Sanctuary, my mentor's forum... My mentor has published her first THREE books, I finished one double length novel that went through THREE more draft modes so it's ready for publishers, and I'm now working on my SECOND double length novel... *BLINK* 

I am in shock. Last year this time, I was hoping to finish ONE book, Book 1/NR and I've done that and more!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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