Monday, June 3, 2013

Thank the Heavens for FIRST DRAFTS...

Another writing day has passed and things are flowing smoothly by times, with a few bumps here and there...

Chapter 19 has been started and there IS some silliness in it. After that powerful scene about what a father-daughter bond means, humor was needed. Needless to say when certain people read this particular area, especially the ones who read Book 1/NR first, will "get" it and laugh like crazy. 

However, I've been brainstorming again and with my mentor's help (THANK YOU SANDRA!) I realized I had not one but several inconsistencies and left a few things out. I really can't go into details without giving away part of the story but let's just say I'm glad they were caught NOW instead of in Drafts 2, 3 or even the FINAL draft! Sandra had caught a few things for me with Draft 2 of Book 1/NR and thankfully I could easily get those corrected without having to do a full rewrite/revision on the entire story! 

So... I have a number of things to add, and have to find the right spots to add them. Thankfully the chapters in this one seem to be on the shorter side, under 7000 words, so I can add to some chapters without making them ultra long. It won't take much, just a few things here and there in several areas and it will be done. It's on the to do list for the summer... When and IF my son lets me concentrate during the daytime... If not then, during a late night writing time or during the few times my husband will be taking our son out for a while during the daytime so I can get a couple of hours of peace and quiet here and there and so I don't lose it from not being able to work a lot over the next two months!

I have about six writing days left - AT MOST - before school gets out for the summer and I am slowly getting prepared for it. I'm squashing in as much work time that I can, working the occasional late night until midnight - editing - and getting other things ready to keep me occupied. I can't remember if I mentioned it before but I have TWO e-books to read, Books 2 and 3 of Sandra's Keyholder's Castle series and a hard copy of a new Star Wars book... I'm hoping I don't read them all in one weekend and go nuts over the entire summer! LOL I'm going to try to pace myself and read a few chapters a day in between my work in Sanctuary and real life things... When I am unable to write that is... Hopefully I will get more than one or two writing sessions this summer, else I may fully lose it and go completely wonky!

I have two writing days ahead this week and hopefully I can get things moving more... Even with the revisions to make, I still have to get things started toward the build up to the grande finale. I have a lot more to add before that, and the more I get done before summer arrives the better! I'm slowly getting there, but the question is, how long will it be before it's spliced in and tweaked to fit in to the main manuscript? Only the universe knows right now!

Have a great week everyone, and I will be back with another update when things are progressing. 

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